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Welcome to Rixstep. Where business is the usual. Where the industry is watched because it needs watching. Where software products are watched for the same reason. Where you can actually unbelievably enough learn things. And where you'll find heaps of serious software, some of it even for free.

Rixstep are a constellation of programmers and support staff from Radsoft Laboratories who tired of Windows vulnerabilities, Linux driver issues, and cursing x86 hardware all day long. The Rixstep domain was registered in May 2002 and went online in October of the same year. It is wholly owned and run by the Bloatbusters.

Rixstep software is the antithesis of 'REALbasic' programming. It's the original 'extreme programming', with many years experience behind the current effort and credentials from the likes of British Aerospace, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, SAAB Defence Systems, IBM, Microsoft, British Broadcasting Corporation, Barclays Bank, and Sony/Ericsson.

Ten years into the venture the AppleCore Project already sports a specially designed Cocoa application architecture, a complete file manager under 50 KB [sic], and another 100+ lean and mean utilities and tools for OS X.

Already with several hundred thousand downloads and widespread media coverage CLIX is the runaway most popular free ACP application, voted the #1 power tool for OS X by iCreate Magazine. Also popular are the ACP Web Services which totally bypass the need for separate applications or widgets when accessing the Internet.

More and more the power and elegance of the Xfile System has been recognised as the threats and vulnerabilities of the OS X platform become more tangible. A recent well received addition to the ACP is Tracker which lets you monitor what's happening to your filesystem and what applications - benign or otherwise - are doing to it.

White Hats

Although Rixstep are programmers and not security researchers per se, their relationship with the latter in the industry has always been good and in fact they're the only 'outsiders' the authors of Opener, Oompa Loompa, and other OS X exploits have consistently communicated with. This gives Rixstep an unique advantage in assessing risks to OS X and the purported cures for these risks. Rixstep journalistic integrity - not picking sides but always seeking the truth - played a major part in establishing this reputation.


OS X users are more and more tired of waiting for Apple to 'FTFF'. And it's been noted than when recruiting new blood to help them Apple have in their own online advertisements referred to the application as 'notorious' - anything but an understatement. And when searching for alternatives OS X users do not want yet another perhaps even more bloated file browser. And as the IT pros they want a fast lean and mean 'expose it all' Finder replacement app. Which is what Xfile is.

Previous PPC-only versions of Xfile for Panther and earlier have proven perfect for use on 'older' computers where otherwise things just get too slow. And Xfile for Leopard and beyond is the only file browser for OS X that is ready today for all possible file systems - including the much talked about ZFS.

Content is King

The entire Rixstep site is optimised for content. No scripting, cookies, or advertisements are used - not even in the weekly newsletters - operations being financed solely by online software sales and donations.

Apple will maintain NeXT's commitment to cross-platform and cross-processor support, and will continue to develop, sell, and support products currently available, including those for Windows NT, Solaris, HP-UX, and NEXTSTEP. In addition, we plan to add support with Rhapsody on PowerPC processors. Cross platform support for WebObjects and OpenStep aligns perfectly with Apple's overall strategy of moving core software technologies such as QuickTime cross platform.

We firmly believe that Apple's acquisition of NeXT will increase the market acceptance for the NeXT technology in which you've invested time, resources, and money. Apple is firmly committed to enhancing, selling, and supporting this technology in the future, and to providing NeXT customers with innovative technology for cross-platform development of mission-critical, enterprise solutions.

We were, in a phrase, complete Mac heads. When installation finished, we were presented with what I believe is the most beautiful computer interface ever designed. As a 12 year user of the Macintosh, I'm afraid I must admit that the NeXT interface is better. I prefer it to my Mac. The truly unbelievable aspect of this is that now your application will run under Windows 95, Windows NT, Openstep for Mach on Intel, Openstep for Mach on Motorola, Openstep for Sun, Rhapsody for PPC, Rhapsody for Intel, and soon, the MacOS.
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