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The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemies, chase them before you, rob them of their wealth, see those dear to them bathed in tears, and clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.
 - Genghis Khan

With one stroke a world which billowed with fertility was laid desolate, and the regions thereof became a desert, and the greater part of the living dead, and their skin and bones crumbling dust, and the mighty were humbled.
 - علاءالدين عطا ملك جويني

Thank god for Robert Plant, thank god for MUSICIANS playing INSTRUMENTS.
 - 'JoySuzanne'

Yay for socialised medicine. All this and great scenery too.
 - 'JoySuzanne'

The Obama campaign have not done required due diligence to ensure they are only accepting and reporting authorised, correctly documented, and accurate individual contributions. That they have configured their contribution form on the campaign website to accept any user input, that they process this without scrutiny and report the results without correction or regards to the law makes abundantly clear this is by specific design.
 - Matthew Weaver

Most people understand if you're not caring for your family you're probably not the kind of person who's going to be caring for other people.
 - Barack Hussein Obama 23 October 2008

Guilty as hell. Free as a bird. America is a great country.
 - Bill Ayers

I think a lot of folks who normally don't give a shit enough to vote will do so today if for no other reason than to make sure the nigger is kept out of the White House.
 - 'odin88'

Censorship is telling a man he can't have a steak just because a baby can't chew it.
 - Samuel Clemens

I think the Republican ticket represented too much of the status quo, too much of what had gone on in these last eight years, that Americans were kind of shaking their heads like going, wait a minute, how did we run up a $10 trillion debt in a Republican administration? How have there been blunders with war strategy under a Republican administration? If we're talking change, we want to get far away from what it was the present administration represented and that is to a great degree what the Republican Party at the time had been representing.
 - Sarah Palin

You can't vote on the issues if your vote doesn't count. The man who has no honour and ran his campaign like Genghis Khan cannot be trusted to govern like the Dalai Lama. To vote for Obama is to condone the scorched earth strategy and marginalisation of elderly, working class, gays, uneducated, and women. I choose not to reward the DNC for what they did in the name of 'unity'.
 - 'Riverdaughter'

Anyone who knows Dan Quayle knows he would rather play golf than have sex any day.
 - Marilyn Quayle

As one who has followed this election campaign very closely I have been horrified and furious at the treatment of an attorney who worked for poor women and children, a former First Lady of Arkansas, a former First Lady of the United States, and a two term sitting US senator by the mainstram media, senator Barack Obama, and the DNC. It is simply staggering how accepted sexism and even misogyny are in this country.
 - 'Rabble Rouser Amy'

The cameras follow me around to see just how fabulous my existence is.
 - Nicola McClean

I love my boobs. I want them to be huge.
 - Nicola McClean

Leona Lewis! Did you see her on The X Factor on Saturday night? It was the most stunning performance.
 - Fiona Phillips

no.1 defenatly x
 - deanoi1234

This leads me to remark how much science, even in its most lofty speculations, gains in return for benefits conferred by its application to promote the social and material welfare of man. Those who periled and lost their money in the original Atlantic Telegraph were impelled and supported by a sense of grandeur of their enterprise and of the worldwide benefits which must flow from its success; they were at the same time not unmoved by the beauty of the scientific problem directly presented to them.
 - William Thomson

What if one does say the same things - of course in a little different form each time - over and over. If he has anything to say worth saying, that is just what he ought to do.
 - Oliver Wendell Holmes

I never said I never said that!
 - Scott Anguish

Get my name off your quotes page!
 - Scott Anguish

We must all own up that without Les Paul generations of flash little punks like us would be in jail or cleaning toilets.
 - Keith Richards

Why would anyone uninstall one of the best applications implemented in the mac OS.
 - 'leenyx' on Spotlight

I agree with the general sentiment that chmod is something that should be shied [sic] from (one typo can cause major issues).
 - TUAW reader

Using this tip is not a good idea if you don't know what you are doing. I'd found this hack on another website and like an idiot decided to run it. A few days later, my Macbook crashed. The Apple Store had to replace the hard drive completely. Thankfully I'd just bought AppleCare and my warranty covered it.
 - TUAW reader

They're like H and Claire from Steps. We didn't want the first ones. I don't get it.
 - Louis Walsh on Same Difference

Since 2005 hackers and corrupt insiders have stolen more than 140 million records from US banks and other companies, accounting for some $67 billion in losses each year according to the FBI.
 - Kevin Poulsen

The last half dozen employers I had paid me at least $100/hour for my time. Now I'm only asking $6.75.
 - Max Butler

The most valuable goods were 'dumps' - the magnetic stripe data on the backs of credit cards filched primarily by corrupt restaurant wait staff and gas station attendants wielding pocket size skimmers.
 - Kevin Poulsen

1984 is a fucking novel, not an instruction manual.
 - 'AlphaMack'

Non-removable battery? If they had introduced a battery with 8 hours/1000 cycles using silver zinc I would have been impressed. But this is yet another Li-ion. What if the new battery goes Sony? Since it's internal it can't expand without damaging other components.
 - Nuvi

I'm dubious about the fixed battery. I use my MBP plugged in 90% of the time. It is on fairly constantly and that can harm the battery over time. So I take the battery out and just run on the mains. That wouldn't be an option with a fixed battery.
 - 'thesheep'

Wow!! where's price to performance? $2800!!!! not even blu-ray??
 17" 2.4ghz MacBook Pro, Intel core 2 duo  17" iMac, Intel core 2 duo  4gb iPhone  8gb iPhone 3G  40gb tv
 - 'FSUSem1noles'

No no no no no. The correct procedure for a li-ion laptop used as a desktop is to remove the battery and store it in a cool environment at 40-60% charge which can reduce loss to under 5% per year. Unless this is some magical new chemistry which means the battery works better at constant top-up and higher temperature a non-removable battery is an insult to any green policy as well as taking control out of the hands of the user. I'll replace the battery when and how I want without having to give my hardware to someone else, thanks.
 - 'Veri'

Hey Schiller just so you know its a MACBOOK PRO little buddy. Not a macbook. Okay. The day there is a macbook with a 17" screen is the day that bush is a genious. [sic]
 - 'neverbuyapc'

A non-removable battery and a $2700 'pro' machine is just not a smart idea.
 - 'synth3tik'

No quad core? No user-replaceable drive or battery? For $3000? You have to be kidding.
 - 'vga4life'

Only 7 hours battery using the "real" GPU (which isn't Snow Leopard going to be using all the time?) and they are touting this as a breakthrough? Geez, I can buy another battery for $99 and get 10 hours! Revolutionary! Not to mention HP's new Boston-Power batteries that seem to last longer still.
 - 'rezonat0r'

At nearly £2000 in the UK for the basic one I think they will sell about 10 of these - who's got the money for one of these at the moment?
 - 'Griffindor73'

I'm really upset Steve didn't tell the whole truth in his letter. He should've just said there was nothing to announce.
 - 'bigjohn'

There are people who make history. They often write many pages of it themselves. There's also the bitter reality of the aftermath of their actions that's imposed on us. But that's not found in the history books - that goes in the dustbin.
 - 'rouka52'

As a beta tester (and listening to music with Spotify at this very moment) I would say there is nothing to complain about on the sound quality from Spotify. I have tried almost the whole range of streaming programs. None of them are anywhere close to Spotify! Spotify is just amazing and I connect my computer at home to a pretty big sound system and I don't hear that it's streaming. It just as if its from a CD and sometimes even better it seems like.
 - 'Cheese90'

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