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Despite my ambivalence about downloading I think it's fundamentally wrong that artists, moviemakers, and people like myself should suddenly give away our retirement funds for free because someone is sitting somewhere copying our work. But if this is the consequence - that one suddenly can't visit any website one wants, that one is suddenly cut off from the world around - if the consequence is that the state is going to tell me what I can and cannot read: then it gets creepy.
 - Tuva Novotny

Jag ska längst fram om jag så spräcker mina sillisar på köpet.
 - Anna Hibbs

Apple QA is vastly overrated. OS X can grind to a hault at the drop of a hat yet they don't provide any good telemetry for this. Apple and world class engineering: sadly not in the same sentence.
 - 'zahadum'

There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern or inn.
 - Samuel Johnson

The past year has been good to all of us. Next year won't be as good, is our sad prediction. File sharing will not be very affected but our rights as human beings are being infringed on all the time. New laws are passed all over the world and especially here in Sweden. We're very sad by this so we hope that we are proven wrong. Anyhow, happy 1984^H^H^H^H2009! Let's continue to break some new records this year as well!
 - Brokep 31 December 2008

Some weeks or months ago (we're not quite sure) we became 5 years old here at The Pirate Bay! The official birth date of the site is not 100% sure. We've been discussing it back and forth the past week and decided that screw it, you don't need to know which day. We'll celebrate anyhow! So, today let's celebrate the birth of the system that has put people in the government out of jobs, the system that made the White House learn what a torrent is, the system that made George W Bush try to understand what ANAKATA meant, the system that not even corrupt cops can shut down! We're so happy that you're all here on our side, fighting for what we believe in! So, From Sweden With Love - Hipp hipp hurra! Ett fyrfaldigt leve! Vi älskar er!
 - Brokep 31 December 2008

Does anyone still seriously use Hotmail?
 - Sean Collins

This is the source of all the pirate copies that end up on The Pirate Bay.
 - Henrik Pontén

We're currently analysing the equipment and my experience tells me this can take a long time.
 - Mats Johansson

When Neij Sunde Svartholm and Lundström stagger out from the courtroom in Stockholm after twelve days mangling they're very tired people of flesh and blood. And even if The Pirate Bay can't be shut down one can still lock up people of flesh and blood.
 - Svenska Dagbladet

Relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking a peeping tom to install your window blinds.
 - John Perry Barlow

Royalties are not how most writers or musicians make their living. Musicians by and large make a living with a relationship with an audience that is economically harnessed through performance and ticket sales.
 - John Perry Barlow

The Internet treats censorship as a malfunction and routes around it.
 - John Perry Barlow

You do not know our culture, our ethics, or the unwritten codes that already provide our society more order than could be obtained by any of your impositions.
 - John Perry Barlow

Cell phones make a lot of sense from a certain standpoint. They're great for calling and for a certain kind of e-mail. But if you want to experience cyberspace in any meaningful way you can't do it with a cell phone.
 - John Perry Barlow

If TPB is illegal then the Internet itself is illegal.
 - Isobel Hadley-Kamptz

A concerning trend amongst OS X users is relatively carefree downloading of applications, disk images, desktop widgets, and other potentially malicious data. This threat is compounded by an unfortunate perception of immunity to malicious code and a general lack of understanding of basic computer security.
 - Aaron Adams

File sharing is destroying the music industry. And it's fun too.
 - Björn Fridén

It's really scary to see how people of pre-Internet generations think. They're probably not as stupid as they appear to be - but it's obvious they have no clue about their lack of skills and knowledge and about just keeping their mouths shut.
 - Daniel Rhodin

Here's why people pirate stuff. I went to rent a movie yesterday and went home to watch it. I got popcorn popping and sat down with my lady only to find that the DVD I rented had scratches all over it. I figured it would still play. Halfway through the movie it stopped. I had to return the movie for another. I got home and found that this new disc still was horribly scratched. I was pissed now and went straight to the rental store. They offered me store credit and I had to take it since they didn't have any more copies of the movie I wanted. I figured I'd just buy the damn DVD so we could watch the movie. Guess what? The movie was not in stock. So I went home, logged onto The Pirate Bay, and was able to watch the movie in 30 minutes. If you want us to pay for things don't make us jump through 15 hoops just to watch one DVD.
 - Bamshackle

To consume movies and television shows at The Pirate Bay is to lie on your back and let fried sparrows fly in your mouth regardless of whether you're hungry or not. The sparrows are also piled high all around you so you can consume them whenever you want without this demanding any sacrifice on your part. Of course you're soon full and your interest for and inclination to make any sacrifices at all in the future for new films and television shows declines rapidly. The effect of the illegal free consumption through The Pirate Bay is of course that new films and television shows lose their value, not the opposite. But I really have no strong support for this other than it's common sense.
 - Monique Wa(d)sted

Don't drink the water in underdeveloped countries. Don't breathe the air in developed countries.
 - Changing Times Magazine

They can lay the blame on others because they're not responsible for the final mouse clicks.
 - Henrik Pontén

File sharing was created to be the new piracy technology.
 - Peter Danowsky

I'd have to get out my telephone directory and start ringing people to see who had the files I wanted.
 - Håkan Roswall

Personally I'm a believer in the concept of the fair trial.
 - Håkan Roswall

I don't know how The Pirate Bay operates.
 - John Kennedy IFPI

But if you don't know how they operate then how can you claim they're responsible for your losses?
 - Per Samuelson

If an individual has their own CD that doesn't stop there being illegal copies available.
 - John Kennedy gibberish

My wife doesn't let me go near the car because I don't know how a car works.
 - John Kennedy

The system we have now might work for the powerful and well connected interests that have run Washington for far too long but I don't - I work for the american people.
 - Barack Obama

A never before seen transfer of resources from intermediaries like record companies to the creators themselves is taking place.
 - Roger Wallis

What we're witnessing now is unique: companies that fall behind sic their legal attack teams on what with updated business models should have been their customers.
 - Roger Wallis

That's where the media lost the TPB case.
 - Reporter at TPB trial

Hej Uffe! Carina Rydberg här. Det finns andra böcker/ljudböcker skrivna av mig som inte går att få tag på i handeln. Vore roligare om läsare/lyssnare fick ta del av dessa istället; det skulle jag inte ha något emot. Men i det här fallet förlorar jag en del av den royalty jag så väl behöver, och det gillar jag inte.
 - Carina Rydberg

The Pirate Bay is an invaluable source for content that publishers, record labels, and movie studios for some reason can't or won't offer. If someone on The Pirate Bay chose to download the book I wrote in 1989 I would have no objection to that. That novel is practically impossible to get hold of and as an author I want to be read.
 - Carina Rydberg

After every victory file sharing has got bigger. I see no reason why the same won't happen this time.
 - Mark Mulligan Forrester Research

It's clear to me exactly what's trying to be communicated at the linked page. I think it's something about some sort of tool for examining inodes directly, rather than looking at the higher level view of the filesystem as files...but I don't really know and am reluctant to download and run something from a page advertised by people who are a bit too smug in their broken English while talking about hidden files and rootkits.
 - 'Anonymous' 'North of the State of Jefferson'

If you can't get out maybe you shouldn't get in in the first place.
 - Joanne Colan

Intellectual property is the oil of the 21st century.
 - Paul Getty

Så länge ingen kränkning, i lagens mening, föreligger så kommer TPB inte att vidta några åtgärder för att begränsa sina användares möjlighet att fritt utbyta information. Att personer sedan missbrukar informationen och skaffar sig otillbörlig tillgång till upphovsrättsskyddat material är som värst en olycklig konsekvens av yttrandefriheten.
 - TPB

Den hänsynslösa jakt som IFPI, Antipiratbyrån, Warner Bros och alla andra företag med en bricka i spelet bedrivit har nu resulterat i en rättegång där fyra oskyldiga män står åtalade för upphovsrättsintrång. Det här är en krigsförklaring mot antipiratindustrin och aktörerna bakom den, och vi uppmanar allmänheten till bojkott och lynchning av de ansvariga. IFPI är bara en början. Fortsättning följer.
 - Hacked IFPI website 2009-02-18

I don't think we'll get to bed tonight at all.
 - Jayne Torvill

The once so proud mission statement that TV4 would be a commercially financed public service echoes more phony than ever.
 - Staffan Wictorin

The best way to defeat potential botnets like Confucker is by the security and Domain Name System communities working together. ICANN represents a community that's all about coordinating those kinds of efforts to keep the Internet globally secure and stable.
 - Greg Rattray ICANN

What a load of shit you Gates fellater.
 - Brendon C Bleebwart

Goma is a shithole.
 - Ashley Judd

Why do you think people don't pay more attention given that there is so much suffering?
 - Ashley Judd

Sit with a woman who through word of mouth heard there was a clinic which could help a woman who had been raped. She had to figure out - in the midst of her physical agony, in the midst of incontinence and starvation - how to get herself walking, crawling to this clinic, only to find that it's overcrowded because there are so many women, hundreds if not thousands, just like her. And just imagine this is a clinic that does nothing but genital reconstruction. The vagina will tear when being forced to accommodate either a rapist's anatomy or objects that are introduced - wood, rock, sticks, guns, bayonets. There'll be perforation of the vaginal walls, perforation and ripping of the cervix potentially, based on the extent of the penetration into the uterus. The wall between the rectum and vagina is ripped apart. The urethra which goes to the bladder is damaged. There is incontinence. The urine is constantly seeping out because the muscles and mechanisms that hold the bladder intact are ruined. There is faecal incontinency which of course can introduce faecal matter into the gut which results in horrific infections. Does that paint the picture?
 - Ashley Judd

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