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'Apple's Mojave is a Mess' 2018-10-17
From the forum.

For immediate release. Review copies available.

RELEASE: Orange is the new CLIX 2018-04-11
Free High Sierra Standalone version now available.

Oops, Apple! 2017-11-30
Script-kiddie-easy root exploit of macOS 10.13.1 High Sierra forces Apple to force fast update.

Amazon's Little Holiday Gift 2017-11-19
They know who you are.

RELEASE: CLIX for macOS 2017-08-24
A new standalone version. Completely free as always. No strings.

Rixtag Available for Free Download 2017-08-08
'Rixtag makes organising and finding files on huge multi-terabyte drives easier than ever.'

prMac: macOS Tag Editor Offers a Better Way 2017-07-14
'Rixtag makes organising and finding files on huge multi-terabyte drives easier than ever.'

Rixtag 2017-06-19
Been a long time coming. (Three years.) At last it's here.

Steve Loves Apple 2017-09-12
All you need is love.

WOTE Five Years 2017-02-14
A message of positivity.

Julian Assange on Twitter 2017-02-14
Rumours of death greatly exaggerated.

Out of Santa's Bag! 2016-12-19
Keep your Xmas stocking free for all the dongles that can ever be!

CLIX: Sierra Elementary (1) 2016-11-19
Being an introduction. More to come in the weeks ahead. Happy Xmas.

Microsoft Surface Studio 2016-11-03
A dazzling product that represents a fundamental shift in the industry.

Touchbar Macdongle 2016-10-27
'My current MBP is my last.'

Go Your Own Way? 2016-10-12
No Jobs to come riding to the rescue.

Topping Sierra 2016-09-30
Feeling a bit rough around the edges?

Sierra: The Honeymoon's Over? 2016-09-25
Talk about Apple ruining a good game, jeopardising their good name.

Sierra Notes 25/9 2016-09-25
Some of the online reviews from 20/9.

Sierra Notes 24/9 2016-09-24
Really random stuff.

Marianne Ny Retires 2014-04-01
'Fresh air and sunlight can cure most ills.'

Smokin' Rootpipe 2015-06-10
Sometimes the smell lingers on.

09.09 2014-09-09
Something money can't buy.

Download CLIX from Rixstep (And Nowhere Else) 2013-12-05
Tough times at CBS?

CLIX 2.1 2013-11-01
Freeware release of the popular power tool for 10.9 Mavericks, with trebled security.

Samsung to Pay $290 Million More 2013-11-21
And it's not over yet.

Microsoft Give Encrypted User Data to NSA 2013-07-11
Don't wait for your margin call.

NSA Transcribing Voice 17 Years Ago 2013-06-14
Mega-reality checking.

OS X Mavericks 2013-06-11
Unveiled at the Apple WWDC.

CLIX 2013-01-15
New commands for 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Xfile Test Drive 2012-12-29
Rixstep's Xfile Test Drive is now available through this site by FTP download and through CNET Download.com.

Medical Software Overrun by Microsoft Malware 2012-10-18
Lives are at risk. Some may have been lost. It's time to stop.

Roundup: Apple UDIDs 2012-09-05
'A lazy implementation.'

Wirenet: Linux/OS X Trojan? 2012-08-30
Dodgy like a sore thumb.

Xfile Test Drive 2012-07-29
Rixstep's Xfile Test Drive is now available through this site by FTP download and through CNET Download.com.

ACP 2.4 2012-07-11
Rixstep's powerful software collection shipping in a new version at the weekend.

From Redmond with Love 2012-07-25
You can't claim you weren't warned.

9,737 files (97,370 data cells) in 0.143 seconds. Beat that, Apple. 2012-07-04
Some things will never be surpassed. This is one.

'Click to Run': The Days of Flash 2012-05-12
Are those days finally numbered?

Flashback: Kaspersky Spreading That FUD Again 2012-04-25
Don't expect any of them to stop anytime soon.

Flashback Botnet Recruits 550,000 Macs 2012-04-06
Coming soon to a Mac near you?

Xfile 2012 2012-01-26
Achieving parity.

Trojans Courtesy DOWNLOAD.COM 2011-12-19
From worst to worstest.

Re: Inside a Modern Mac Trojan 2011-10-09
'If you didn't go looking for it, don't install it!'

Remembering Steve Jobs 2011-10-05
1955 - 2011.

Apple Lion Security Update 2011-10-01
Everything's alright. Really it is.

ATS: And Then There Were Fourteen 2011-09-25
Rixstep's ACP Text Services treble in number.

What the Fox is Going on in China? 2011-09-25
Debby Chan investigates for SACOM.

Got OS X? Get OWNED? 2011-09-18
10.7 has a massive security hole, says researcher.

Welcome to OS X Vista 2011-09-02
Snide comparisons were inevitable but now they seem to stick.

Steve Jobs Quits 2011-08-24
Now he's history.

Lion: Kernel Panics 2011-08-07
They're not supposed to happen; if they do happen, something is very wrong.

Lion: 'Ten Days After' 2011-07-30
Mostly good, some things bad.

Spotify Invites Going Out to US 2011-07-26
They're coming and they'll conquer.

10.7 Roars 2011-07-21
Win7 trembles.

Xfile Test Drive 2011-02-14
Now available through this site by FTP download, through Apple Downloads, and through CNET Download.com.

TDL-4 bypasses Win7 security by getting into MBR 2011-06-29
So much for MSFT making users safer.

Apple Business Partners Losing Patience 2011-06-02
Some say it was inevitable. Steve Jobs says he's shocked.

More on Mac Defender/MacGuard 2011-05-26
Details are too scarce.

Apple #1 2011-05-09
Microsoft still strong but going down, down, down.

CLIX 2011-05-03
New versions compatible with 10.7.

Bill Gates Not the Patriot 2011-05-02
The biggest military power in the world and they can't protect their systems from 2-bit attacks.

Apple's Privacy Blowout (Consolidated) 2011-04-22
A tale of several stories, all woeful, all inexcusable.

Xfile: For 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 and Beyond 2011-04-19
The only constant so far is the price.

Apple Recipient of Not So Coveted Big Brother Award 2011-04-02
A unique distinction justly deserved.

Finder's Nasty Inherited ACL Bug (aka Error -41) 2011-03-23
You wonder who's working at Apple.

Clipothèque (Free) 2011-03-09
Now available through this site and through CNET

New ACP/Xfile Utility: ACL 2011-03-01
Controlling access control lists.

WaPo Dunking Apple 2011-02-22
Not another inconsequential knuckle rap.

Steve's a Bad Bad Boy (Again) 2011-02-18
Time for another inconsequential knuckle rap?

ACP Web Services 2010-11-30
Now available through this site by FTP download, through Apple Downloads, and through CNET/Version Tracker.

Xfile Test Drive 2010-11-30
Now available through this site by FTP download, through Apple Downloads, and through CNET/Version Tracker.

iBeatles 2010-11-16
Finally on iTunes.

PGP WDE + 10.6.5 → MacToast 2010-11-12
This kind of stuff is nice to know beforehand.

Apple Up or Apple Down? 2010-11-04
Wayne Gretzky might know.

Facebook Data for Sale 2010-11-01
Shock and horror? No. Game changer? No again.

Patent Mania 2010-11-01
Patents kill.

AAPL Continue to Clobber MSFT 2010-10-29
Congrats and a big 'thank you' to Cupertino.

Mac Developer Program Update II 2010-10-20
As predicted.

Swedes Rage Against iPhone 4 2010-10-04
Better late than ever.

Link Shortener Exploit Cripples Twitter 2010-09-21
'Twas fun but it might be over now.

Graphic Tribe Wallpapers 2009-02-07
Click to download.

Big EU File Sharing Bust 2010-09-07
Fourteen locations, seven in Sweden, TPB/WikiLeaks not affected.

Xfile Test Drive 2010-08-27
Now available through this site, through Apple Downloads, and through Version Tracker.

Two Years Ago Today: Spanair Flight JK 5022 2010-08-20
To err is human, to kill is Microsoft.

Swedish Pirate Party to Host New WikiLeaks Servers 2010-08-17
The Pirate Party provide bandwidth and hosting free of charge.

WikiLeaks Source Protection 2010-08-08
Someone may be working behind the scenes.

Xfile Test Drive 2010-07-31
Now available through this site, through Apple Downloads, and through Version Tracker.

Terry's Story 2010-08-07
Define 'journalist'. Try. The story of San Francisco's strange IT department.

Need Windows Recovery, Sucka? 2010-08-03
You're screwed - and it's the Windows OEMs doing the screwing.

Mariposa Creator Busted 2010-07-28
Busted in Slovenia.

ASAF.app 2010-07-28
A better 'show all files'. Perhaps the best?

Who Cares if Jailbreaking is Legal? 2010-07-26
Apple prepared to move operations overseas.

Smartphone Competitors Snarl Back 2010-07-18
Didn't Steve Jobs realise they'd respond?

Apple on the Rocks 2010-07-18
The customer isn't satisfied.

They Held It Wrong 2010-07-16
Came off like stale beer.

Consumer Reports: iPhone 4 Defect Confirmed 2010-07-14
Use another phone or get some duct tape.

CLIX Answer Pack 2010-07-08
New version and answers to the CFB labs.

iAntenna 4 2010-07-02
To cup or not to cup? Taking the matter in hand. Or not.

iPhone 4, iOS4, Apple Morphology 2010-06-23
'An object of rare beauty.'

Dell: 'Windows is Insecure' 2010-06-14
The sky is blue. Bears usually shit in the woods.

'An Egregious Lack of Thought' 2010-06-10
Things threatening to go topsy-turvy as usual.

114,067+ iPad Accounts Breached 2010-06-10
Flaw in AT&T web code.

No Hidden Meaning 2010-06-09
It's just the normal cycle of things.

The Word That Steve Forgot 2010-06-08
No comments necessary.

Sweden's Pirate Party's Gift to Victoria and Daniel 2010-06-04
They gave them privacy.

Google Bomb Blowout (3) 2010-06-02
The fun gets even more interesting.

Google Bomb Blowout (2) 2010-06-02
The fun continues.

Google Bomb Blowout (1) 2010-06-01
The fun begins.

Lucid Lynx the iPhone Data Miner 2010-05-29
Apple iPhone data security nonexistent with latest Ubuntu iteration.

Tabnabbing 2010-05-26
A new type of exploit.

Nitesh Dhanjani's Carpet Bomb 'Bug' 2010-05-25
'Boom boom boom boom.'

Android Gets Rid of Smartphone Flash? 2010-05-24
'Twas expected.

Android Gets Smartphone Flash 2010-05-22
But Apple's 'proprietary' system doesn't.

Sweden's Pirate Party Now Hosting The Pirate Bay 2010-05-20
'I'ms ins yours skynets, lollings aways ats yours futiles attempts ats contrllings our internets.'

Blodget on Zuckerberg 2010-05-19
Someone found a new buddy?

Facebook Fury Only Grows and Grows 2010-05-19
400,000,000 weak and weaker by the day.

Spotify Open, Spotify Unlimited 2010-05-18
Two new Spotify subcription forms, one of them free.

CLIX 5,000 Commands 2010-05-17
32-bit and 64-bit builds.

Number Nine at Foxconn 2010-05-15
There's no app for that.

EU Parry FB Zuckerpunch 2010-05-14
Caught between a pile of cash and a hard place.

Swedish High Court: 'Biased Magistrates Pure as the Driven Snow' 2010-05-12
Precisely what the biased magistrates already ruled themselves.

Xfile Test Drive 2010-05-06
Now available through this site, through Apple Downloads, and through Version Tracker.

H.264 Rules 2010-05-02
Flash going out.

Apple: No More Mac Design Awards 2010-04-28
Nobody uncross their fingers.

The Persecution of Terry Childs 2010-04-28
The eejits always win.

Steve Jobs to App Store for Mac: 'Nope' 2010-04-28
A full explanation. Keeping fingers crossed.

Spotify 0.4.3: Killer App 2010-04-26
Time to dump iTunes?

Apple File System Denial of Service 2010-04-24
All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put HFS together again.

Mac Developer Program Update 2010-04-24
Apple are charting the future of computing.

Callservice.biz No More 2010-04-23
FBI seize evil domain.

Microsoft and McAfee join forces to make Swedes teetotalers.

Sweden's Pirate Party the New Election Bomb 2010-04-18
Now you see it, now you don't, now you see it again.

2010-003 2010-04-14
Small but fully packed.

Xfile Test Drive 2010-04-06
Now available through this site, through Apple Downloads, and through Version Tracker.

CLIX 2010-03-30
Now with 64-bit Snow Leopard support.

10.6.3 2010-03-30
Long awaited. Mostly loved.

The Vancouver Massacre 2010-03-25
All platforms went down.

TPB/PP: One Step Forward, One Step Back 2010-03-11
A (conditional) victory and a (possible) setback.

Microsoft's 'Operation b49' 2010-02-25
A pyrrhic victory.

New Zeus Botnet Discovered with 74,126 Windows PCs 2010-02-18
It's getting better all the time.

Windows Phone Se7en 2010-02-15
A leap in mobile computing.

Swedish Police Escalate Fight Against Illegal File Sharing 2010-02-12
This time they mean business!

Flattr 2010-02-11
Now in 'beta'.

IBM's New POWER7 Systems 2010-02-09
A true leap forward.

Adobe Flash Makes Browsers Bite It 2010-02-08
Adobe have known about the bug for sixteen months.

Microsoft on IE8 Exploit: 'There Is No Patch' 2010-02-05
And there never will be.

Symantec on the China Attack 2010-02-01
Whose idea was it?

iPad Establishes Apple as #1 2010-01-28
The game's changed.

Xfile Test Drive 2010-01-28
Available now.

Microsoft VDM Bug Affects All Versions of Windows 2010-01-20
Affects all versions including Windows 7. When it rains, it pours. Especially in the Seattle area.

Microsoft's War of Words 2010-01-19
Things are hotting up.

Seven Months and Counting 2010-01-14
There's no hurry.

Google.cn 2010-01-14
Three dozen US corporations infiltrated by Chinese government hackers.

Brokep's Light Bulb 2010-01-09
There's a way to screw Lex Orwell. For now.

Nexus One 2010-01-05
Now it's here.

Bozo's Bullshit Bingo 2010-01-05
The foot will never come out.

Jobs Needs That Tablet 2010-01-05
Gadgets gadgets gadgets. Shiny gadgets.

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