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Less Than Daring Flip-Flop

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Rick 'RickMacMerc' Yaeger is in a bit of a cautioned stew today. He starts in with a few choice adjectives about the hucksters at MacHeist.

'In an attempt to save the sadly flopping MacHeist Retail Bundle promotion...'

That pretty well sums it up. And Yaeger goes on to describe the latest MH scam - which has already expired. Why? Because it's been re-offered. By John Gruber.

'Now don't get me wrong. I don't have anything against Daring Fireball or its readers', continues Yaeger. That should protect him from getting flamed for committing the ultimate crime of mentioning the obvious.

But Yaeger is bewildered - cautiously of course. Being as Gruber's 'historically criticised' MacHeist and 'scrutinised the promotion' by 'published [sic]' its earnings scorecard'.

Indeed. The good Gruber pointed out what everyone takes for granted today: MacHeist is a total suckers game - a rip-off.

How now Gruber's actually promoting the crooks he's already exposed? wonders Yaeger.

Indeed. 'What do you think?' asks Yaeger in his last word of caution.

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