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Jason Whitener


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Jason Whitener
339 Leisure Ln
75165 TX Waxahachie US

Hi, I'm Jason Whitener, host of the Macbook Podcast. I was emailing you to ask you if you might be interested in having some of your software mentioned on my show? I never email anyone to spam them or solicit any advertising to them, so I'm asking you first if you might be interested and then we can talk further.


Thanks, Jason Whitener

Hi Jason,

Sounds good. We listened to a couple of your podcasts and they sound great. We do think our demographic and your demographic are a bit different; frankly we fear we and our products will be over the heads of your audience. But we can perhaps make a go of it anyway.

So yes we can talk further. If you have a # we can call you. We're all over the planet and basically can call from almost anywhere at almost no cost.

All the best,


Great, what I'm looking for is for you to sponsor the macbook podcast. With this sponsorship you would get your software mentioned on the show 3 times, plus a link to your software on my website. I charge $85.00 a month for sponsorship and accept paypal. I'm sure my listeners would love to hear about your software and I would be glad to help boost sales of it. I get about 1100 downloads of my show a week on average and can provide those numbers to you on request. Let me know if you are interested and if we can make a deal.

Thanks, Jason Whitener


Nice try, Mister.


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