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Geoff Morrell

Time capsule terrorist.

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Geoff Morrell: Pentagon spokesman, time capsule terrorist, relic of a rotten era.

Who is this person? Is he from the planet Earth? He'd place on the Andy Griffith Show. Opie would kick the shit out of him. Barney Fife would sneer and make him shake. No hog jowls from Aunt Bee. Andy would leave town. So would the Beaver. (Rod Serling might stay to make a pilot.)

The hairdo sprayed meticulously into place. The cautiously pastel tie with its studiously subtle translucence. (A hook-on like the face?) That god-awful voice tweaked to be even more annoying.

Skip to 10:10 in the 3rd clip, 0:50 in the 2nd, for some amazing double takes and facial contortions.

So where did this 'thing' come from? Does anyone know? Does Tom Cruise know? Not to speak of that Doublespeak™ rhetoric. But let the YouTubers take care of that.

this guy is a menace. if they had been doing the right thing, then there would be nothing to be leaked.
 - alternativeetcetera

wow! this guy must have a PHD in obnoxious assholology. i bet he likes to sit alone in his apartment and strangle kittens and puppies.
 - renaultlab

One thing I have NOT heard from the White House since this story broke: 'we are sorry that we have killed so many civilians, we will stop that'. Let's not argue or point fingers about who leaked what and who owns the digital media. What is contained in that media is the real story - the US forces have failed in their duty of care to the Afghan people and are indiscriminately killing innocents.

Not one journalist in this room has the courage to ask the questions that need to be asked.
 - lookbehindtheveil

And what's with the seal? Artwork by Pentagon daycare undergrads? But no worries: the documents will be returned. They're on their way already. By Wells Fargo stagecoach.

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