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Carina Rydberg's Done It Again

She's opened her mouth.

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Readers of this site - and especially of the coverage of Assange/WikiLeaks - should already (and unfortunately) be familiar with Carina Rydberg. Rydberg's like a bad nightmare. Mostly like her own life as she describes it herself.

Rydberg's already explained that Mark Stephens is a bastard of the highest order. Now she's turning her Medusa stare at - get ready - Claes Borgström. That can't be comfortable.

So what did Claes Borgström do? Claes Borgström stated he was happy with the way things were going in the UK. This is unacceptable to the nut case author who writes books about women cutting foetuses out of one another and similar cozy feminist themes.

'What's surprising is that the girls' legal counsel Claes Borgström went out to the media and said he was satisfied with the bail decision. How is this possible? Isn't the best thing for Borgström's clients that this issue is pushed as hard as possible from the Swedish side?'

'Assange will - if he's now released on bail - spend the holiday on an English estate; he'll have a tag and he'll have to report to a police station every day. But it's hard to think of a better substitute for the prison he's sitting in.'

'If I were one of the women who says she was raped by Assange, his sojourn on this estate would be an insult.'

It isn't until the seventh comment on this toxic screed that someone dares point out the obvious.

'Pro tip: Assange is innocent until the opposite is proven.'

But this is something the rabid feminists have overlooked from the beginning, poisoning discussion threads with hate-filled rhetoric, lashing out at Assange, calling him a criminal, a rapist - and all this on the testimony of two girls who seem to have run the show on an agenda and a desire to hurt him.

Now Rydberg's good friend Anna Ardin has launched another smear campaign of her own, changed the name of her Twitter account, opened a phoney account with the old name - all this hysterical behaviour, this stomping of feet, to not get caught in a lie, in one's own '7 step plan for revenge'.

She and Rydberg deserve each other. But for outsiders looking in, for those gawking at the bizarre Carina Rydberg, the sentiment might be the following instead.

'Carina Rydberg not being confined to a mental institution is an insult to the world at large.'

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