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Three Women IV: The Hornets Nest

Behold the fountainhead. They've taken Sweden to the brink of ruin.

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There's a reason Sweden has been described as a 'hornets nest': from the top on down, the powerful feminist movement.

At the very top is Eva Lundgren with her ramblings about secret satanic cults who kidnap women and children and use them in sacrificial rituals. Cults who are part of an international paedophile network and produce and distribute pornography of all kinds, who are arms dealers to boot, who are all controlled by the United Nations.

This is the basic tenet, the unifying force, of ROKS. This is their basic belief. No one else is silly enough to give Lundgren's ideas any credence but they do - without that tenet, they have no movement.

This together with the ideas of Solanas and Dworkin form the foundation of the all-important ROKS battle plan. ROKS view society in general as 'an international civil war' between men and women. They view themselves as victims of the 'patriarchy'. And the 'upper class' (the men) implicitly use rape as a way to keep the 'lower class' (the women) in control.

Canada, the US, and Norway have all shown that domestic violence - a core ROKS issue as they attempt to organise volunteer shelters - can in fact be cured. This strikes at the heart of ROKS, makes the political platform of ROKS irrelevant, and exposes ROKS as a destructive force.

An implication could be that ROKS believe things would be better in a matriarchy. Sweden is already a functional matriarchy and all but the most militant hornets would argue Sweden is already in its roots a matriarchy anyway. But the hornets aren't after a reversal - they want the male of the species wiped out. The hornets aren't looking for better relations - they want no relations with men at all, they want men gone, they want an all-female society.

A society they evidently think they can run.

ROKS became so powerful and so well subsidised by the Swedish government that they've been able to pervert the plans of the government, to force the government to refuse to consider programmes in use in other countries, and to insist on and settle for nothing less than the total eradication of the male of the species.

Margareta Winberg talks about how she thinks domestic violence will only increase as their moment of victory grows closer.

Yet none of the hornets see any progress yet. Eva Lundgren admits there's been no progress, despite the 'work' she's done; and Ireen von Wachenfeldt says point blank that her militant organisation hasn't accomplished anything at all in over 20 years of existence.

The 'top' idea that must be succored at all costs is that there's a worldwide conspiracy based on a patriarchy power structure. This core 'concept' then leads to the militant attitude towards men and heterosexual relations, sex, and family - a simple idea condensed as much as possible to make it easy to swallow. Fascism always works that way.

ROKS meetings often end with adrenalin rush sessions where the women are led in chants of 'kill all men' and 'hang all men'. There may not be a worldwide satanist conspiracy but in Sweden there's definitely a feminist conspiracy.

Ireen von Wachenfeldt was forced to resign after Könskriget aired on Swedish television. Eva Lundgren lost millions in funding and had her theories about international satanist conspiracies totally debunked by her superiors, yet through political influence and other types of string-pulling managed to hang on to her job.

Margareta Winberg sits as chairman of the board of Karlstad University where she most likely oversees the new feminist directions in postgraduate research and waits for the day when the male of the species is gone forever.

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