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Gudrun Explaining the Sexual Power Structure

It's very scientific.

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It's all around you. But it's invisible. Something like the Force. But much more evil. Probably more evil than the delusional Eva Lundgren's secret satanic rituals. But Gudrun believes it. Here she is trying to explain it scientifically to a group of neophytes. They're trying their best to understand.

Gudrun takes the purely scientific approach - which probably helps. For it's really hard to grasp things that come out of a feminist butt and make no sense. Give them credit for trying.

Gudrun - Gudrun Schyman - is Sweden's answer to the mythical phoenix bird that rises out of its own ashes. Long long ago - in an era when no one sensed an invisible sexual power structure up above them, all around - Gudrun was an up and coming member of Sweden's Communist party VPK (Vänsterpartiet Kommunisterna). That party had previously been aligned with Stalin's Soviet Union. But when even they had to admit Stalin wasn't an Albert Schweitzer, they edged cautiously away.

Then came Gorby, Ronnie, and Maggie. And suddenly the Cold War was no more. So you couldn't call yourselves 'Communists' anymore. So Gudrun and her buds changed the party name to - simply - Vänsterpartiet ('the left party'). Everything was frid och fröjd again.

But Gudrun had personal issues. Alcohol being a major one. (This is something that's historically afflicted many of her party members for some unknown reason.) So she went into detox a few times.

Gudrun also had a difficulty with arithmetic. When she had expenses related to her work with the Left Party Communists, she'd send the party treasurer her receipts so they'd pay her back. Then she casually inadvertently (but systematically) would deduct the same amounts on her tax return.

She was caught of course - as all unjustly accused feminists are - and prosecuted and convicted. Twice. Her party members also began looking at what she'd spent money on. Such as expensive taxi rides from her Stockholm flat to the international airport when there was a faster and cheaper shuttle available.

There are too many people riding on that shuttle, she explained. She needed those twenty minutes (it's really a short ride) to think and work. Ka-ching.

So her party comrades in the Left Party Communists began to tire of her. They stripped her of her position and duties and discreetly suggested she make her seat in the parliament available to someone more 'suitable'.

But Gudrun was a true feminist deep inside, even if she herself didn't realise it at the time, so she stuck to her power structure guns. She refused to leave the parliament and told everyone that she was now sitting there as an 'MP without portfolio'.

Gudrun began quietly scheming her comeback. Communism was out, her name was mud - she'd even been busted at rave parties with her preteen children - so she needed to quietly 'disappear' for a while until the notoriously 'short memory' of the unwashed masses had done its magic.

Fascism always needs an enemy to hate. The enemy doesn't have to be real - see the novel '1984' for a brilliant discourse on that trivial subject - but you have to be able to convince great numbers of thoroughbred idiots that the enemy is real.

And the invisible sexual power structure fits perfectly. It's one of the best Orwellian devices ever invented. Oceania can't compete.

Gudrun founded the Feminist Initiative. They're a political party that can never quite make it into the parliament. But they're everywhere - just like the sexual power structure - and Benny Andersson donated money to them (yes it's embarrassing) in the burgeoning days before people knew what Gudrun was up to.

Then she started holding conferences with great things like this. Like small dainty Nürnberg rallies.


After filling their hearts with lofty ideals about - well anyway - they'd all get together and chant.

'Touch my pussy when you're horny/Or my tits when you want to/I hate you, you fucking man/We're going to cut you into pieces'

Heady stuff. She also started burning money - literally money - to get attention. Anything for a laugh.


She also used her remaining days in the parliament to call as much attention to herself as possible, stating:

  1. Swedish men treat their women worse than the Taliban; and
  2. Swedish men should pay more taxes because they're cruel to women.

(Claes Borgström got on that bandwagon immediately - he and Gudrun are namely from the same mold.)

A cornerstone concept of communism (as opposed to socialism) is the denial of the individual. It's only aggregates that count. This gives way to expensive political campaigns to get more firewomen in the nation's fire departments and surveys that prove women make less money than men (even though over half of them prefer working halftime) and stuff like that.

It's the same way ROKS worked.


Gudrun quickly established cornerstone concepts of her own for her political party.

  • All men are animals. Not just some - ALL.
  • To call a man an 'animal' is to give him a compliment.
  • Scientifically speaking, the male of the species is a biological mistake.
  • Any woman who has sex with a male of the species is a traitor to Gudrun's cause.
  • Lesbianism is politically correct; women must embrace it (and each other).
  • Men maintain their invisible sexual power structure by raping women.
  • Therefore women must counterattack by making false accusations of rape.

So here she is at last, showing the selected what something invisible looks like. Go Sweden.

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