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Brangelina Disappear

But not before endorsing The Technological.

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We gotta report on our sponsors Brangelina as this is a technological blog and as they're paying for real estate here. So here they are. But now they've left Namibia and no one but The Technological knows where they are. Isn't that cool?

BTW here's their bedroom in Namibia with all the sleeping arrangements marked clearly out. Maddox and Zahara had their own room and reportedly used to party all night.


Here's a cute screenshot of everybody's favourite Keystone Kops application for OS X. No explanation necessary.

Hyatt Hacks

Old Dave Hyatt is really cool. He still hasn't come clean on the blooper he made years ago that hosed people's drives. Was Chimera better or worse than Camino? Food for thought. Here's a message from Dave. Suffice it to say he doesn't have a clue what's going on. Namely that the bloody Finder isn't even running. Oh well. Let's not expect too much. After all it's Apple software we're talking about, the software the Woz says is the buggiest in the world.

Rude Screen Grabbers

Why does Photoshop have to try to grab screen focus a hundred million times on startup? It's not as if this dog is fast exactly - but what can you expect with a PEF loser anyway? And why do people have to be limited to file names thirty one characters in length?

Here's a clue: it's because Adobe didn't really update their code for OS X. Now why is that, you ask. And so here's another clue: because it wasn't worth it. Because there is no money in it. And there's no money in it because that anal retentive asshole Steve Jobs refuses to license his OS so ISVs like Adobe get a halfway decent market share.

And what's this business of calling Steve Jobs an asshole? That's what they say, those who live in his neighbourhood and run into him every day. That's what they say.

As for calling him anal retentive, that's common knowledge. Just look at his business dealings the past 30+ years.

We Hate Everybody


Can any website live up to expectations with a name like that?

It's doubtful but you know you have to click the link anyway.

Apple Upgraded by Needham


In a recent survey commissioned by the firm, 8% of Windows users in the US home market said they would switch to a Mac if it could also run Windows. Such a shift in consumer preference would effectively increase Apple's share of the US and European home markets to 12.2%, the firm said.

Still, Needham analyst Charles Wolf warns that the predicted market share gains will not occur in a vacuum.

'It will fall on Apple's shoulders to translate them into reality', Wolf said.

'We believe the Apple Stores could play a pivotal role in this effort. Hordes of Windows users visit the Apple Stores - at least half of all visitors, according to some estimates.'

Needham have a $90 price target on shares of Apple. Awesome. Christ what people are stupid. Like AppleInsider. Who can't spell. Or write fucking English. And confuse 'hordes' with 'hoards'. Morons.

Rupert's MySpace


Murdoch owns MySpace? He paid $600 million for it? Where's our share? 'MySpace has detailed logs of its users' preferences, online behaviour and personal information, allowing advertisers to target potential market segments.' Yeah that's important.

'We've just scratched the surface of how to monetise it', said MySpace CEO Peter Chernin.

Undoubtedly, we add. Long live unbridled consumption oriented feeding frenzy capitalism.

Windows Gets Big Security Update, Hackers Go Nuts


The only Windows security update we're interested in is when Microsoft upgrade Windows to Linux. Then hackers and script kiddies won't have anything to play around with anymore and hundreds of thousands of brilliant Russian programmers will be out of work.

Firms Get World Cup Fine Warning


Yeah, you can't watch football at work with your computer unless you buy a licence. Yeah right. 'We know exactly which unlicensed business premises to target', said a spokesperson for British licensing. This is very inefficient. It's probably more profitable to just shut down the bloody Internet. Talk about cash flow leak.

Top Microsoft Blogger to Resign


One down twenty thousand to go. And no, it isn't Mini.

Scoble Defends MS


'My management team is awesome and I don't have a beef with them at all. They have ALWAYS supported me. I have, in my pocket, a corporate American Express card and they never have questioned any of my expenses.'

WTG, Scoble. Let us borrow that card sometime, OK?

'I am due to spend a day with ImagineCup contestants and Bill Gates later this month.'

Wow, that's impressive, Scoble! We sure wish we were there!

And Scoble thinks Sun are Microsoft's 'fiercest competitor'? Maybe it's best he's gone.

'At Microsoft I am encouraged to change the world and make things better for our customers.'

Oh barf.

Developing with Core Data


At first glance this looks lame as hell. And as if you should bookmark this page because when in the future you're looking for what went wrong with your company's development model, this will probably be it.

But that's missing the point entirely. In the future all development will be like this.



Keiretsu is how the Japanese prevent outsiders from taking over their businesses.

Today's Memorable Quotes

Yawn. The Superficial has old news. They don't update it as regularly as other sites, and the stuff they post is usually days older than other sites. I realize the people who run this site have a life, but geez! They basically cut and paste all their stuff anyway, and add in a few snarky comments. How long does that take? Perezhilton.com and TMZ.com have more stuff more often. OK, enough bitching. I've got it out of my system.
 - Astriastar

Actually I find Vince hot in a scruffy masculine kind of way. Vince stands on his own, doesn't need to bleach his locks golden to match Jen's, and I'm guessing he doesn't paint his toenails like the Bradster.

OK I made that last part up, but it's possible. Brad looks the type.
 - Jenners

Tits come a dime a dozen nowadays. Back in my day I had to walk uphill ten miles in the snow for a nice set. Kids these days don't know how to appeciate a good rack. Goddamn kids and their cheap titties.
 - oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

Unix hard links on directories: traditionally it was possible to hard link directories. This made the directory structure be an arbitrary directed graph instead of a tree. It was possible for a directory to become its own parent. Modern more ethical systems generally prohibit this confusing incestuous state.
 - Wikipedia

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