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The first time it ran right.

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This is the first time Net News Wire's run right. Most of the time it times out on most accesses. Probably due to the wizard network threading in OS X. Which is incredibly stupid. Go Apple go.


That's today's riddle. See if you can figure out what it spells. Reminds one of Japanese. Stupid stupid.

Small Traces

Everybody likes Anthony Lapaglia. Most don't realise he's an Aussie. He's good. And he's never been better than he was in Murder One. That was fantastic. Now he has Without a Trace and recently they had an episode with lots of seamy group sex like you see above. Good stuff. You can't subsist on KFC alone.

But wouldn't you know it? The US paramilitary schizophrenic christian right launched an attack. Over four thousand protests because someone thought they saw a nipple or a penis and they seemed to think the people on screen were engaged in reproduction exercises which as everyone knows is NSFW unlike genocide.

Then they started looking into who'd protested. It turned out only two of the over four thousand had any inkling what it was all about and no one had actually seen the episode. They'd all punched buttons in online forms at websites run by the holiest of holy in the US.

God please destroy America. They're so stupid over there.

237 of 245 items

Think the Internet is too slow? Thank Adobe. Talk about stupid.

The Matrix

You know that opening scene in The Matrix where Joey Pants is talking to somebody and you see this 'matrix' dissolve into something even more complex - and it just keeps going?

Think of STI. Sony Toshiba IBM. They knew the lawnmowers were no good anymore. They'd hopped up the PPC about as much as they could. There was no point in keeping on that track. It was time to come up with something different. To think outside the bun. They came up with the Cell architecture.

Cell is a bunch of PPCs all huddled together on the same chip. Instead of increasing the complexity of a single chip, you get them to work together in a matrix. Using a tasteless analogy, instead of equipping a single soldier with a shotgun, an AK-47, a Stinger, and an Abrams on his back you buy the services of an army. That's the Cell.

Now right now they're only talking of two or maybe four PPCs in the same constellation. But that's now. You know the way things go. The things they swore were technologically impossible yesterday are old hat by tomorrow. In a few years they'll have 128 PPCs on the same chip. Then 1,024. Then 10 K of them.

And then they'll think of something better. A way to aggregate Cells with 10 K PPCs on the same chip. And they'll think of a name for that too.

And then that will be the norm for a while. And in the beginning you'll only be able to get tandem sets with a total of 20 K PPCs in two of these new thingies. And then that will grow too, and then you'll end up having 10 K of them with 10 K PPCs on each.

And then they'll think up a new way to aggregate again. And there'll be a new name for that one too.

And so it will go. Building blocks. That's the way technology is supposed to work. Like The Matrix. Simplicity squashes complexity and then complexity builds up again and then you squash it again with simplicity. It makes for a solid foundation. And that's the way good things have always worked and will always work.

Just think that opening scene in The Matrix.

Now what were Intel doing last we checked in? Something stupid to be sure.

Scandoo: Correction

We thought Scandoo tried to find malware on rogue sites. No such thing. It's just a prudish 'American' invention to prevent people from seeing women's mammary glands and vaginas. Why can't there be an earthquake that wipes out all of North America except for all the countries that aren't the United States? Why oh why?

Too Much Fun?


An employee at the Oregon Department of Revenue downloaded a trojan file from a porn site, possibly compromising up to 2,200 taxpayers. Porn's fine; Windows sucks. Don't fucking blame the porn. Blame the tight legged bitches these suckers are married to and blame Microsoft but do not blame the porn. An Oregon infosec officer was quoted as saying 'I guess some of our public workers are having too much fun after all'. That's highly doubtful. What a stupid remark.

Duh Vista Code


Why Vista is late. Not why Vista and versions of Windows suck. According to the article, the US national average per programmer per year is 6,200 lines of code. So let's do the math. Let's say patriotic Americans get a generous two weeks holidays per year. That's about right. So then let's say they work fifty weeks a year. Keep it in rounded numbers. So then let's divide 6,200 lines of code by 250 work days.

That's 24.8 lines of code per day. Microsoft average 20 lines of code per day. But Microsoft slaves work longer hours and more days. That's because they're stupid.

But hold on: you're saying 20 lines of code per day is stupid? Just because you can write 20 lines of text in less than a minute? You're forgetting things. Lots of them.

First off, there are the coffee breaks. The first thing a programmer does when coming to work in the afternoon is take a coffee break. This can go on for hours.

Then you have to visit your friends. They may not be in their offices because they're out visiting their friends too. Maybe they're even sitting in your office waiting for you. But don't bother checking: if you do, you might get found out and have to actually do something. So just stick around - or better yet, wander off and try to make new friends.

And then it's time for lunch - or dinner, more precisely. A visit to Burgermeister, for example. Unless you're one of those fish freak developers. But before you leave you'd better log in so the supervisors think you've been working.

By the time lunch dinner is over you've probably got those twenty lines of code all worked out in your head. So you just punch them in and turn them over to testing.

Then it's time to get in the Beamer and cruise into Seattle and once again try to figure out why Microsofties have such a hard time picking up chicks.

Wal-Mart on the Web


Calling All Fanboys


Calling all fanboys. Attack Rob Braun and his friends. Attack attack. Nothing new otherwise. Move on. Try to not be stupid.

Dvorak's a Troll


He does it to anger Maccie fanboys and drive them to his site. We never liked Mr Dvorak. Now we think he's pretty cool.

One MacSlashie comments that he thinks this is all right: 'Think of how boring the Internet would be if someone started a discussion and everyone just agreed.' Yeah - just like a Maccie forum. Then we get into the real hard core Maccies: 'I'm amazed that more websites aren't making a public statement to have Dvorak fired and that Apple doesn't file a lawsuit for defamation. He is intentionally hurting Apple to forward his own profit!' Oh wow! You go girl! Or boy! Or is it both as per usual? Fanboys are stupid.

WGA: Digging Deeper


So you thought Microsoft came clean about WGA once they'd been found out? Idiot! Watch Pamela go. She's found out that amongst other things MS pull your IP and the time stamps for booting your computer. Also to remember: you can't uninstall WGA.

Bill Gates Loves Open Source


OK, what's the catch?

Trend CTO Says It


'My wife Sybil, mistress of the bleeding obvious.' Trend CTO Raimund Genes:

'Open source is more secure. Period. More people control the code base; they can react immediately to vulnerabilities; and open source doesn't have so much of a problem with legacy code because of the number of distributions.'

There. As good a quote as ever for /0/.

The Most Used Hyperlink on the Net


It's the 'skip intro' link. Think that'll give all the flash idiots a clue? Nope: they're stupid.

It's Not a Blog

This isn't a blog. You can't contribute. Nobody wants your opinion. If you want to voice your stupid opinion, get a website like everyone else. Or at least a blog. So you don't have to actually code any HTML. Because you're too stupid.


The US government officials and politicians have been demanding lately that the Russian authorities shut down allofmp3.com, alleging the site is pirate. Otherwise, they threaten Russia with sanctions, including blocking its entry to WTO.

In this regard we would like to make a statement:

1. The site AllOfMP3.com belongs to a Russian company and for 6 years it has operated within the country, in full compliance with all Russian laws. Throughout this period the various government offices have scrutinized site's legality and have not found any breach of the law. So far there has been no decision by any Russian court contesting the site's legality.

2. The Russian site AllOfMP3.com is not operating or advertising its business on the territory of other countries.

3. The site AllOfMP3.com does regularly transfer substantial amounts of royalties to the Russian organizations for collective management of rights such as ROMS and FAIR, which have granted the site licenses to legally deliver music through the Internet.

4. The site AllofMP3.com reserves the right to take all steps necessary to protect its business reputation. We call upon everyone to take a thorough and unbiased view of the site's legality.

5. On September 1, 2006 the changes to the Russian copyright legislation will come into force. Since January 2006 the site has been making direct agreements with rightholders and authors at the same time increasing the price of the music compositions and transferring the royalties directly to the artists and record companies. The aim of AllofMP3.com is to agree with all rightholders on the prices and royalties amounts by September 1, 2006.

6. We believe in the long term and civilized business based on respecting the law, considering the customers' demands as well as the interests of both national and international rightholders.

The AllofMP3.com Administration
June 6, 2006 Moscow

Bremen Home of the Swedish Football Team


It's here, according to disgruntled Swedish journalists, the Swedish footballers hole up 'lazing around all day with their bitches'. US$400 per night. But it's in GERMANY.

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