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Apple: Stupid

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This microsite is supposed to be about stupid things - technologically stupid things preferably. It's inspired by The Superficial obviously. And we got a good start here but now we have to go off track for a few moments. For right now there's nobody more stupid than Apple Computer.

It's easy to see what they've done but it's not easy to figure out why they've done it.

Apple have a long and speckled history of ignoring minor issues with their products and relying on the fanboys to lynch the victims. This isn't working this time because even the fanboys are pissed and the number of fanboys not yet touched by the scandals is a dwindling minority dwindling more by the day.

Meaning Apple are up the good old creek and there's a storm on it. And yes, they're trying to ride out the storm right now. Responsible for the worst production line in computer history, they recognise nothing.

Not a single flaw. People are getting eaten alive by overpriced pieces of junk and about all Apple are capable of doing is saying things like Schiller's classic comment on the iPod nano issue.

The iPod nano issue is not a design issue. It has more to do with obese Americans in tight pants putting the nano in their front jeans pocket, and then sitting for extended periods of time.
 - Phil Schiller Apple Marketing SVP

And you want to harken back to the '500 days' when Apple hardware was shit and Apple software was shit and people like the universally despised NAGEL were sitting around saying 'ship it anyway' and people like Jobs would later say 'FUCK 'EM'.

What Apple have done is choose a cheap manufacturing alternative. They're building these contraptions in China. The quality control is non-existent. What Apple have done is rush hardware designs through the pipe without proper vetting and without testing the danged things thoroughly.

That's what they've done, Now the issue is 'why did they do that'. And that's a tougher one, for there's no ready answer. It's corporate suicide to be sure. And if it weren't that bad, then the way Apple treat their customers makes it tantamount anyway.

Apple are - supposedly - trying to make inroads into the Microsoft hegemony. Operative word: 'supposedly'. They have their speckled cat due for release in a few months. They still haven't resolved any of the hugely embarrassing issues with the stripy one. But right now no one's buying.

It's true the fanboys bought - they're always eager to dump money into 'revision A' hardware for the sake of the cause - but they've bought now and those who remain - including potential switchers - are watching sites like this and the forums and above all AppleDefects.com closely.

And they're not going to budge until something drastic starts happening.

All the while Microsoft get closer to their Vista rollout. And no Wintel OEM ever had issues like the Kupertino Klownz. They're getting ready to wipe the field. Totally wipe it. By bloody walkover.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter why Apple are so stupid - only that they are. Stupid that is. And right now Apple are really stupid. About as stupid as any computer corporation's ever been.

And that's really stupid.

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