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Mr Pain

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Mr Pain and his partner 'the Belgian' strike again.

Mr Pain and his partner have become a classic with the Stockholm police. This time they were high on drugs - according to their own account, they'd taken valium - 'but we only take two tablets at a time'. Somehow they built this up to a debt of about $5000 - perhaps as much as $5500 says Mr Pain - so they decided to try robbing a store.

Everything went perfectly - considering they didn't have a plan, got the shit beat out of them inside the store, had to run away with nothing at all, jumped on a moped in front of hundreds of passers-by, and had an alert cabbie knock them over before they could kick start their way out of there.

The police later asked the Belgian why he was driving the moped. 'Because I'm the better driver of us two' was his answer. Also in questioning they admitted they needed money to pay off a drug debt. '$5000 - maybe $5500', said the Belgian.

And what kind of drugs did they do? asked the police. 'Valium - but only two at a time. They help keep us calm.'

Geek Squard?

Know who the Geek Squard are? You're probably thinking they're called Geek Squad? Not if you ask the ace webmeisters at Best Buy.


Whatever. It's PETER NORTON back to haunt again. Ever seen those PETER NORTON books with Peter on the cover with his short sleeve white shirt and his arms crossed so confidently? Someone at Best Buy figured that was a good image.

And check their motto. Is that rich or what? 'Serving the Public, Policing Technology and Protecting the World'. Oh barf. How good are these people? Or rather how bad? Word has it 'pretty bad'.

Allsång på Skansen

Anders Lundin who's hosting the 2006 season has some tips for optimising your enjoyment. The show airs at 20:00 but get there early. 11:00 AM is a good time. Bring some knitting, some food, some coffee - and chill out. You have a nine hour wait.

It's just a little park in a little town in a little country but the show has attracted more than 35,000 viewers. More like a rock concert.

They sing corny old ditties and it's sing along both in the park and in Swedish homes, and it's about more than song - it's about the summer, and Swedes have so little summer to celebrate. And whether you like the music or not you can't help getting swept up by the 'geist' of it all. Swedes celebrate summer like no other people.

BTW, the forecast for tonight in Stockholm is partly cloudy with a chance of showers and 17°. Tomorrow it will rain again.

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