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BlackHat Phanboy Phollowup

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It's now been proven Apple phanboys have an unnatural sexual relationship with their computers.

Previous contentions that Apple phanboys are gay and/or have unusually small penises still stand, but what BlackHat have discovered is that Apple computers do not care about the penis size of their users and many of the phanboys are too antisocial to engage even in gay sex.

Pursuant to the revelations of Johnny Cache, Dave Maynor, and Brian Krebs, fireballs have exploded all across the gay Apple world. Everyone's favourite beige shirt John Gruber called Krebs' reporting in the Washington Post 'shoddy'. [Remember he also called the reporting of renowned journalist Dan Gillmor 'ill considered'.]

He also took the opportunity to describe Apple as having a 'sterling reputation for security'.

Poor John Gruber's feelings have been hurt. Again.

Things get worse at the Ars Technica forum where phanboys are so panicky they post their rabid pseudo-English twice to make sure no one misses it. Here are some of the more 'sterling' contributions. The whole thing is misleading, full of BS, and I hope these guys get a thrashing from Apple legal.

What was NOT MENTIONED in the exploit was the fact that they TOOK OUT the wireless hardware that SHIPS WITH the macBook and replaced it with a third-party card that is woefully full of security issues. THEN they hacked the MacBook.

So, what's the REALITY of your MacBook being hacked? ZERO.

They did this to highlight the problems with some wireless cards and figured doing it on a Mac would get more publicity, and it has. But it's an ABUSE on YOU as the consumer/reader since the ENTIRE article is in fact, a lie. It's NOT possible to hack a MacBook in this fashion, but PC laptop vendors and people buying their own cards are at risk.

I really hope Apple shoves a legal bat up their ass and fucks them hard for lying to the public and having them believe this is an Apple MacBook specific issue. I am obviously unsure, because I don't know. At the very least there seems to be some grandstanding going on here. This is a misleading proof of concept. Watching the video shows the hacker attaching a third party wireless card to a computer that shouldn't have to use such a device (wireless is already built into the Macbook). That's like me saying 'Look, I can break into this house - just let me add a new door/lock first before I do.' In a bad month Windows has more variants of worms and viruses released than Mac OS has ever had in it's life time. Oh I remember this old Mac 'virus', install this extension in a co-workers System Folder and whenever they inserted a floppy disc it would play a sound of sneezing and auto-eject. That was funny. They just look like a couple of attention-seeking kids. Remember the 'I can break into your system' exploit in which the hacker gave people accounts on the system first? As others have already pointed out on that guy's blog, Apple has absolutely no leverage on the two hackers to influence them one way or another. if you dont like macs go away, one security hole is hardly enough to come busting out with the anti-mac-ness since windows is still clearly the king of security holes Hah! I just found the script they used!!! Go have a look for yourself, even try it out! It's harmless!
We need to pause here: this phanboy didn't discover anything. He posted a fake script to one of his own sites. Then he claimed to have discovered the script at '6:09PM' PST on 3 August 2006 at the Ars Technica forum. Phanboy that he is, he doesn't realise his Apache server gives the game away.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: Apache/2.0.54 (Unix) DAV/2 PHP/5.0.4 mod_ssl/2.0.54 OpenSSL/0.9.7e
Last-Modified: Thu, 03 Aug 2006 23:09:29 GMT

Anyway, now it's time to visit Brian Krebs and assess the damage there. It's far worse. So let me get this right.....

They demonstrated hacking a USB WiFi driver because hacking the native WiFi driver would have embarrassed Apple and they didn't want to do that.

But THEN they then told you that they could easily hack the built in Apple card using the same method. Thus embarrasing Apple anyway.

But they didn't actually show you this. You simply accepted that all WiFi drivers are equally vulnerable without any actual proof?

What else did you learn at journalism school? Brian Krebs is dishonest.

Many other posters have pointed out how his sensationalism and deceptive omissions made for a more interesting story than he actually posted.

He himself above admits that he delibertately left out information that made his story irrelevant, insipid and vacuous.

He himself admitted that his original story was written with known inaccuracies.

He even 'stands by' his lies, distortions, omissions, confabulations and other deceptions.

It would seem he learned his ethics and PR practices from the likes of Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling.

It is readily apparent that his absence of personal integrity and journalistic ethics is almost total. Are you kidding me?? You people actually believe that crap story? The whole thing is a fake and made up.

Hoe gullable are you all? Brian Krebs is a bit of a winger... As long as there are no details, no names and no info, I can only regard your facts as hoax.

There have been too many times when bloggers have wanted hitrates by intentionally mocking mac-users. The mac community is so tightly woven that they respond immediately - thereby resulting a lot of hits. So many times have people exploited this fact.

It may very well be true, but until proven (at least on a number of machines) we have to regard this as false. What a joke, this isn't supposed to be an article picking on Mac????
Every headline today is stating Macbooks hacked!!!
CHeck Google. Not one headline generalizes and points to wifi cards in general. This would have been impressive if a stranger brought his macbook to them and said, go ahead and break into my computer, wirelessly.
Damn journalists suck with their
misinforming the public. Don't quit your day job.
And then, a rose in a field of nettles, this pops up. I like OS X's functionality and stability, but I can't understand how people can feel emotionally attached to software or hardware they have contributed nothing to (except with their wallet) and largely do not understand. PS. Has anyone else noticed that 'phanboy phollowup' rhymes with 'phanboy swallowup'?

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