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The address is supposedly 12900 Mulholland Drive. Marlon Brando lived there for nearly half a century. His neighbour Jack Nicholson bought the house for more privacy. Now he's going to build a garden there. So he's ripping the house down. And with it will go one of the most cordial greetings ever made for the airborne.

The Crayfish Frenzy

That's Sweden's chef of the year in the middle. Peter J Skogström is his name. His sister Marie is in the lower left, Kristina Persson is at his right, Lena Sundin is at his left, and Anton Löfgren is at the right bottom.

People go nuts over these crayfish. Understand: there's not a lot to eat. Newcomers stare at these ordinarily staid people, suddenly with streamers above their heads and silly hats tied under their chins, and start wondering what is going on and when the main course is going to begin.

There is no main course. This is it.

You take one of those dinky critters and immediately begin sucking the juice out of it. [This gets very noisy around the table.] You break it this way, break it that way, and you get a few pieces of meat. Then you move onto the next critter.

On the side you'll have both hard and soft bread, butter, and cheeses. And beer. And schnapps of some sort.

That's basically it. Dinner's over.

Note: all five party animals in the picture are wearing dark blue plastic bibs around their necks.

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