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'Hormonal' women most attractive?


Couldn't the BBC title one article 'without quotes'? Just once? Please? Otherwise this article is yet another example of how a lot of money could have been saved by consulting Sydney.

'Oestrogen levels during puberty can impact on appearance by affecting bone growth and skin texture.'

Note: they didn't prove this - or even come close. This is 'assumed'. Their own tests are far different.

'But makeup masks this effect, allowing less attractive women to compensate for their lack of natural mating cues.'

Wow. There it is: the reason they received £25,000,000,000,000 in funding.

'The team of psychologists at the University's Perception Lab photographed 59 young women's faces aged between 18 and 25 and analysed their sex hormone levels.'

59? Hey that's a great meter.

'They then asked 30 volunteers - 15 male and 15 female - to rate the faces according to attractiveness.'

30? Hey that's an even better meter.

'When the women in the photographs were wearing makeup, no relationship between attractiveness and oestrogen was found.'

The head of this study was MIRIAM LAW SMITH. Make a note of that name.

Dr Tony Little who lectures at the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Liverpool said it was A VERY INTERESTING STUDY. Little also has his own website that offers the same test online. It's a gas. See below.


You'd think for all that funding they could get someone to make a website that worked? Or two? And be sure to check out the website of the 'Perception Lab'. Get in on history in the making.


There a bomb on this plane

This is the flight bag scrawl that landed the Excel Airways plane in Brindisi. Basically better safe than sorry.

images on your site

The likelihood someone is this dumb and lame is far greater than the likelihood someone would take the time to make this up.

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