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The New AWS Amazon Resources

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Now you can go online shopping in Japan. Or go online and shop in Japan. Or anywhere. Click the pic to get the download.

Pissed Off Farmer Crashes Party — Literally

Temper temper! A farmer in Sweden got evicted from a party. Pissed as hell, he went back home, got his super destructor bulldozer tractor, and returned to crash it - literally.

Your Boss is Watching!

Yes, say Swedish tabloid Expressen, your boss may be watching as you work, so be sure to at least make it appear you're doing something important.

And while you're at it, maybe ask him for a new notebook? If he sees you working on a box that old, he'll know you just pulled it out of a storeroom to take a picture and aren't actually doing squat.

World's 2nd Oldest Scumbag

This is the world's second oldest sheath - the oldest is supposedly in a museum in Egypt and is reputedly over 4,000 years old.

No one's bothered to test if it still works.

Naked Canucks

There are a bunch of Canadian nudists cum group sex maniacs over at Flickr. All the lowlifes want pictures. The naked canucks got tired of it.

No One Likes Napoleon

Napoleon was on television. Bullshitting as always. Fortunately most people saw through it. Many pundits claim the opposition is even more of a snake pit, but a change in junta can still send a clear message.

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