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North Korea Blow Away Dreams

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North Korea have now unsuccessfully carried out an underground test of a nuclear bomb. The test itself was successful; the idea of performing such a test must be seen as anything but.

Mickey, Ronnie, Maggie: all that work was for naught. There are other stupid people in the world - mostly old wrinkled impotent North Koreans - who just don't understand.

The following has been already said about the event.

North Korea has ignored the widespread opposition of the international community and conducted a nuclear test brazenly on October 9. The Chinese government is firmly opposed to this. The Chinese side strongly demands the North Korean side abide by its pledges on de-nuclearisation and to stop any action that would worsen the situation.

United Kingdom:
This nuclear test will be viewed by the UK and the rest of the international community as a highly provocative act to which we will respond robustly. It can only raise tensions in an already tense region, and have repercussions internationally.

South Korea:
Our government will sternly deal with this in accordance with the principle that it will not tolerate North Korea's possession of nuclear weapons. North Korea's behaviour is a grave threat to peace and stability, not only in the Korean peninsula but also in Northeast Asia. Our military, based on the South Korea-US alliance, is fully ready for any provocation by North Korea.

Australia will advocate a UN Security Council regime against [North Korea] which includes targeted financial and travel sanctions, other trade restrictions and/or aviation restrictions.

This is a serious development with consequences for the efforts to hinder global proliferation. The UN security council will surely begin to discuss sanctions already tomorrow.

North Korea are clearly stupid on a level seldom seen and therefore win the King Leopold VERY FUCKING STUPID Award.

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