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Gale force winds, heat waves - 35,000 people killed in France three years ago: where's it all coming from?

You already know, don't you? Now try telling that to people like the US neocons and George W Bush. Try telling that to the automotive industry who systematically eliminated the possibility to abandon use of fossil fuels - they have an estimated $100,000,000,000,000 they can gut from the core and burn up in the atmosphere.

Tom Hanks has - or had - an electric car.


Of course it's more than just driving an electric car - it's about signing - and abiding by - the Kyoto agreement, of not jerking your friends in DC off and giving them more exploitation rights in places like Alaska.

It's about ending the dependence on oil and getting that cauldron in the middle east to cool.

Swedish rag Aftonbladet have started a campaign to make people more aware and more active in the fight to stop global warming. Such efforts are of course of minimal consequence if the big idiots in the suits at the political dinners don't do something as well.

Those idiots in the suits get The Technological's coveted Supremely Stupid Award.

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