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What does 'TSA' stand for today - 'totally stupid acronym'?

So some guy who shows how stupid TSA are - what happens? Do the suits sack these criminals in the TSA? Heck no! They bust the guy who proves they're idiots!

They all - W, the neocons, the rabid survivalists, the anti-everything crowd, and last but not least the TSA themselves - get the first Supremely Stupid Award of two for today.


'Don't be evil' is a corporate motto that's become a worldwide joke. Better to say 'DON'T BE STUPID' but then Brin and Page and Pike and Schmidt would have their work cut out for them. Oh yeah.

How about this?

  • For over two years their security alert address was a dead letter box. They were simply not interested to hear how crappy and stupid - and dangerous - their code was.
  • They concentrate on Windows and JavaScript which has been condemned by every security guru on the planet except Bill Gates.
  • They dress up in drag and let the pictures get out on the Internet.
  • They announce they'll be doing data mining with their Google Mail accounts.
  • They create a browser toolbar that does data mining and demographic tracking.
  • They use cookies that are in direct defiance of White House recommendations.
  • They keep everything in beta indefinitely.

Google also win a second Supremely Stupid Award. And qualify for the Supreme Idiots of the Year Award.

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