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Lindsay's in Love!

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And not just with anyone but with Evan Ross!

Who is Evan Ross, you ask? Who cares? Don't you read your tabloids?

Let's get a few things clear.

  • Lindsay has the sexual charisma and sophistication of a wet rag.
  • Lindsay has less brains than either Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton.

Lindsay wins today's next Oh So Stupid Award no contest.

Princess Mary's Propeller

One of the great traditions of the Danish court is the 'Propeller' dance for Xmas lunch. One by one the guests have to get up, drop trou, and swirl their dicks like strippers tassels - like a propeller.

It's great fun but Princess Mary, a prude from Australia, has made such a big stink about it that the annual festivity will be no more - unless the prince comes to his senses and boots her out of his country.

This is going down just like it did in Sweden when the current king, then a prince, married a prude foreigner. Now he can't even visit his friends and party and if she doesn't like the women his friends marry the king can't go to their weddings. Really.

And today she looks like a frog. With too much nip 'n' tuck. Like for about 4 million too much.

And that's starting to happen already to Princess Mary who gets a Oh You Stupid Prude Award.

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