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9:05 AM: I Can't Read and I'm So Unhappy!

Because you're stupid.

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The following letter came in not through support channels or even the contact page but through the ICANN registrar.

Subject: Not Happy

Hello there,

I just purchased your ACP after reading several positive comments about it on forums and reading it included the 'Tracker' program.

After landing at:


I saw it did include the Tracker program and coughed up a lot of money for Mac shareware.

At http://rixstep.com/4/0/ (URL cited above).
'80+ Cocoa apps and command line tools.'

At http://rixstep.com/4/0/about.shtml (linked from the front page).
'The AppleCore Project is not shareware.'

I'm VERY disappointed with my purchase. None of the tools is as efficient as the command line. The file browser isn't even up to mucommander standard.

But most of all, despite what that page says it didn't include some of these tools, including Tracker which was the whole reason I got the product in the first place!

Even more disappointingly I found out that you now offer Tracker as a separate download and after downloading you can see how it works. It claims to use comparison methods and not any kernel tracing/fs_usage style systems. What good again is this program the command line tools are far superior.

You also didn't include any of these products:

PlisEdit [sic]
Spx Nighttime
TIFF Compress

And many of the programs have GUI bugs with broken icons and the help doesn't work (though I don't see why you need help it's true since most of these tools are trivial).

That's quite right. 'Help' isn't necessary. This nut wouldn't read it anyway.

Due to your claim about having these products as part of ACP and then not doing so, I suggest your product is not fit for purpose. I'm not suprised you don't let people try this before they buy it.

Please afford me a refund for the e-mail address above. Due to the above problems if you refuse I find myself justified in issuing a chargeback. I buy quite a lot of Mac shareware and as an employed developer, I enjoy supporting independent developers. Never have I been so disappointed.

The vote was unanimous. Ladies and gentlemen! Mesdames et messieurs! The winner of The Technological's coveted 'Reading Makes a Country Great' Award.

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