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Do You Know This Man?

You should - he knows you. You monkey.

Graced the front page of this site 25 December 2006.


Do you know this Man? Will you open your Heart to Him? Will you let Him come to you and give you His Tidings? Will you accept His Teachings?

For in his Holy Writ He has explained the Origin of our Species. His Word is Sacred and True!

Open your Heart!

For He speaks the Truth: we are all Monkeys. Mere Monkeys. No more. We are born, and we die.

We are part of the Way of the World and the Universe.

All Monkeys are Equal. A white monkey is not better than a brown or black or olive skinned or red or yellow or black and white striped or even polka-dotted monkey; a christian monkey is not better than a muslim monkey, or a jewish monkey, or a hindu monkey, or a shinto monkey.

They are all Equal. We are all Equal.

Let us not hold Klan meetings or jihad meetings but instead organise feasts.

Let us not build weapons systems but instead build bridges. Let us never again meet on the battlefield but instead in rooms where we may discuss our ideas and our differences and talk matters through with each other and so arrive at mutually acceptable solutions.

Let us not steal from one another but instead give to one another. Let us not speak in bigoted terms of one another but instead with words of praise for one another.

And let us never behave as if we feel we are better than others - let us never again think in terms of 'us and them'. For we are all Ordinary Monkeys. Let us only speak of 'we' and of 'us'. Let us share common goals and our Universal Future.

And let us grant ourselves a Time of Peace. And Good Will. To Us All.

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