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Saddam Assassinated

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Saddam has been assassinated. Long live the brutal dictator of Iraq.

At least one television station got it wrong and called the execution an 'assassination' and immediately the trailer park constituency were up and pointing out what a dumb mistake that was.

But was it? Rummy and his frat-boy friends wanted Hussein out of the way and they got what they wanted. They always do.

In the year 2000 Rummy got his company a $200 million contract to sell nuclear reactors to North Korea. Once the money was deposited Rummy declared North Korea a terrorist state and a target for regime change. Classic cutthroat business double-cross, classic frat-boy, classic Rummy.

Back when Cowboy Ronnie was US president Rummy paid a personal visit to his good buddy Saddam.

Back then Saddam was an ALLY of the US. He was so clever. As soon as Khomeini took power in Iran Saddam attacked. For no good (or justifiable) reason - he just attacked. Rummy liked that.

And that war went on eight years and no one won and so terribly many were assassinated and Saddam was out of cash. So he turned his greedy eyes towards his honoured brethren to the south.

And Rummy and his frat-boy friends didn't need Saddam anymore so when Saddam hinted he wanted a nod of approval, Rummy and his frat-boy friends hinted he got it. Because Saddam was now being double-crossed too. And now the US could invade Iraq. Clever, innit?

Too cool.

And so Schwartzkopf makes chopped liver out of Saddam's 'feared' army and Iraq is left in rubble. Perfect.

Then someone else came in the White House and it was intermission. And eight years later it started again. Poor people in Iraq. Really.

And Hans Blix and everybody tried to blow the whistle but of course the media in the US are in the pocket of the White House, so what does an official UN report matter?

Invade again! And this time Rummy's going for the jugular.

So anyone who thinks justice was served in Baghdad on Saturday 30 December 2006 is a twit and a dimwit.

And pretty dense.

Old Saddam was kept in a US compound in the Iraqi capital. Camp Justice. Where do they get these names?

The trial was a farce. And no one really cared what you brought Saddam on trial for - you just had to get a guilty verdict. And a sentence of assassination.

They assassinated Saddam in an orange suit and a black hood over his head. Too cool. This sort of takes away from the reality of what you're doing. Depersonalises it all so no one gets upset. Or grasps the Saddamesque barbarism of it all. He's gone before he's gone so to speak.

Poor Saddam Hussein. Poor Iraqi people. Poor planet.

There's a familiar site to all those who visit Berlin. It's the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche. It's right off the Kurfürstendamm by Bahnhof Zoo.

It's a reminder not only to the people of Berlin or the German nation but to all people of the planet.

And not far from the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche is the Spandau prison. It was there Rudolph Hess spent the rest of his days. Also a reminder in his own way.

He could be seen walking the grounds there from time to time. All alone. Always all alone.

Rudolph Hess lived all alone in Spandau prison. Save for the guards who made sure he stayed put.

All alone. He had plenty of time to think about what he'd done and the people of the planet had plenty of time to think about what he'd done too.

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