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YouBOob: Make An Ass Out Of Yourself™

Now's the time to strike.

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The following are all unexpurgated comments from YouBOob. This list will grow, be so sure of that.

But what happened? Is this YouBOob's fault? Certainly not. Is it the US water supply? Possibly. One thing's certain: if a military power were contemplating an attack on the US, this would be the time to strike. [And that goes for aliens too.]

I am an 'old' Eurythmics fan and this song would have deverd an Oscar..

yes old habits die realy hard...

its called a inside joke...i guess u have no friends to have any inside jokes

There will never be 'breakup' for the Corrs....because family stays together till the end, i agree...and perhaps when they have their own kids, there will be CORRS junior...hehe

mmmm very irisistible!

her lips annoying me,..

ilove the cowboy big time.

great band, shes got a brilliant voice and it's amazing their all from the same family

tiz song is so special... makes me wana cry

i lov this song thx!

The lead singer is HOT! Laugh-out-loud


the video was in synch but when i uploaded it youtube does something and it went out of synch but there nothin wrong with the sound.

Man! I wish I exsisted in the 80's! I love this song!

the 80's pwns you all!!! i was born in 91 and i love this !!!

i wish i can see robbie in a trkish show!

jimi is a GODD

My guitarist does the into in the middle of a song.. HALARIOUS

God..This guy is insance...

if that exact same noise came fromk anyone besides 'jimi hendrix' no one would like it

hendrix is a Legend Noone can touch so if u dont like it screw ur self x532565432543


AHAHAH. OH GOSH. THE MISSLE! hahaha. And the 'and lunch.;)' part. haha.

ahahaha when she's on the piano, and singing 'your eyes are so intoxicating blah blah blah...' look at the guy playing the piano i LOVE him HAHAHAHAHA! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I read he's the guy who wrote the song. No wonder he's crazy happy, getting suh aprodution number.

this its a exelent song

Now i wish we would of took slash yes the one who play Guns N' Roses he would fit as a good base player now i know he a lead gaturest but how doe this sound James Lars Kirk and Slash sound good dont it.. (POSTED BY NASCAR90)


the one who prefears another band, knows what to do!!

damn! i wish i could play like james...or better yet - Kirk! lol...great vid!


What a lot of people don't realize about Kirk is he plays his guitar blue's style, look at his guitar selection, they're all blues bassed guitars (Fender, Gibson) See modern metal sucks because its forgotten the fact that the guitar solo's and overall asemly of the songs are blues bassed.

dude who invented 'up the irons' anyway? as well as get the led out if you know please tell me what else catch phrases did other band come up with i already know those and 'primus sucks' and ED the Head will be a legend in the mascots.

some1 plz message e with the name of that song. i want to learn it on guitar

UP THE IRONS!! they rule the shadow of the wicker man will get you all mother fuckers wahahahah:p

Grate vid'of all their music recorings.Dose anyone got the cheats to their ED HUNTER game? I wish they would put the game on PS2 it rocks.

She's really talented, and also one of the most beutiful woman I've ever seen.

I love smokin crack to this song...

shes called Fearne Cotton if your interested

Britney Spears was horrible back then, and horrible now... sad that so many braindead people actually listen to that crap; it's the end of mankind af we know it.

i dont like her but the sad part is that she sings so much better when shes yougn then when she grows up

people r jelous and they shouldnt give a fuck wat other people do cause its not any of there buisness

Did you think that was talent?? Compare this to Christina Aguilera and you'll se talent!

dont britney n xtina like eachova or sumin?

Christina is definatly more talented then britney. she has a wider vocal range.

talent is not just to have a vider local range.. she has talent to make ppl luv her and admire her and she made a generation called as : britney generation. i have never heard xristina generation or stuff like that but there is definetely a britney generation...

then - than

talent doesnt only relate to singing, look at britney dance ability plus she plays the piano and guitar those are talents also.

She could sing then and she can sing now .. So for those you have there head in there a** you better take it out and listen . Stupid .. And yes Christina Aguilera can sing but they both got the voice so yeah

Can Xtina dance as goos as Britney????? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!

she is gd for her age.but now christina aguilera is way betta thn britney spears!

no britney is the best!AND LOOKS BETTER!

ide shag that

i don't think it's legal to shag that

O_o Sick, she's only 10 here. I'd get some help if I were you, before you're arrested for possession of kiddie porn.

i wonder how old she is there


sick peado

Here's a theory.A lot of pedophiles loved her as a kid and there are plenty of those in the music business.They thought it would be a great idea to promote a kid so that other pedophiles all over the world would embrace her.While they were at it lots of dumb kids could buy her records and they could get rich.White trash should be deported to Mars.

if u ppl hate her, then DONT watch her videos. y r u wasting ur time on a person tt u hate? u ppl r just JEALOUS of her, for sure. tell me u fools, if she's really tt bad, y does she has so many fans? y everybody is cheering for her? y is she so famous? y everyone knows about her? how did she make herself success? dont tell me ALL of her fans are blinded. she has fans all around the world. 1 person may be blinded but not MILLIONS BILLIONS of ppl. (POSTED BY PINKSABRINA)

whatever it is,BRITNEY SPEARS is the BEST of all. she rocks~ dont ever say anything bad or critize her again. i swear those ppl who did are sure gonna get a huge BAD return on themselves someday later. ppl who hates her are stupid and dumb enough. (POSTED BY PINKSABRINA)

stupid haters, go away if you dont like her. why are you wasting your own 'precious' time seeing her videos? what a pathetic peoples here. i love britney spears forever!! (POSTED BY PINKSABRINA)

haters, if u ppl dont like her, then y are u wasting ur 'precious' time? u ppl r just JEALOUS of her! im sure she's more talented compare to chris bla bla. i dont even know this chris girl, she look worse than britney.

I do not care how she sings or performs. She is a Whore! My question is where have all the good singing, good performing young women that keep there cloths on, act like humans and can find more to sing about then sex, getting screwed, sucking dick or some other sexual fantasy where all the men are hoods, criminals and have replaced their teeth with the shinny front bumper of a Buick! Where are Olive Marie Osmond and Karen Carpenter when you need them? Thank God for Amy Diamond!

MIKE she is not a whore your a fuck wit

if you think that Britney is a bitch or she's horrible or ugly... fuck you!! I think Britney's the best person in the world: she's beautiful, nice person and she sing like an angel... I LOVE BRITNEY AND I WILL LOVE HER FOR EVER!!

i would love her to eat my icee cream like anyday, fucking hott

u cant even spell fucking u nigger

youre a fuccin idiot

I seriously wonder how Jesicca Simpson even ever got a record deal. Ashley is a better singer than her.

'it's what i do' what? to blow?

finally a display of talent! good girl <pats her on the head>

'Maybe that's what boys like...' Like? We love it!

Dumb isn't sexy....she's pathetic

she looks like shes sucking a dick, learn that from pleasing Nick Jessica?

i rely hate this song.....

Well, she sure is good at that... for a virgin I mean xD... /sarcasm

it looks like she is sucking ball but i luv her song and vidoe

she's stupid!! she's an asshole slut!!! she's more on being sexy than artistic (in music).. she's worst than christina aguilera!!! she's soooooooooooooo dumb!!! dumb blonde!!

she got really nice breasts, i realyl really REALLY want to lick her nipples and then rub her boobs and see if milk comes out, and if milk does come out, I want to lick it all

i like how she grinds that chair when she does that...wonder if she has ever been double teamed?

Jessica its what you do!!! Is blowing wut u do? y dont u blow me if u like it so much!! xoxoxo u!!

she is so adorable role model:)

It's what she does allright. To anyone that will have her. Slut. How did the direction go on this? Ok Jessica we want you to suck and lick all over this icecreme cone and air hump in your chair. Pretend the icecreme cone is Johnny or Dane.

stupid nigger

If someone sucked my dick liek that, I would give them a swift kick in the ovaries. My penor would be bent in 67865 different ways.

Her technique sucks, and I dont mean that pun in a good way.

Her technique sucks? Then move over boy and let her suck on my dick!

Jessica simpson is the HOTTES GIRL EVER!

she looks like she was sucking a dick...

Fuck u!

i am sick of all these hollywood sluts. most people go along for the ride and druel. a real woman has class, and simpson is just another slut whore like modona and others i wont mention.Paris is a cutie to but where the hell is she going with her life.

fuck you faggot. she is one of the most beautiful women i've ever seen and she's really sweet. not the sharpest crayon in the box, but look at her! she's drop-dead gorgeous, 10,000 times better looking than ugly-ass whore paris hilton. you're just fuckin jealous.

i am not jelous dickwad.i tell the truth about these whores of hollywood.i have nothing to be jelous about her or all the other shit for brains in hollywood you friggin peckerhead mother trucker

i would fuk the shit out of her ii'm sure most people agree

somebody remind her not to forget the balls, lmao. btw, worst bj music ever.

what a sad,sad place this girl has ended up in...

show us your pussy jess

All you people are really disgraceful. We all know jessica simpson turned into a slut after marrying that fagget nick lakey. Now shes lost her mind and her iq dropped quite significantly.

your stupid yourself you dont have an IQ

jessica simpson is the definition of the dumb blond. she also looks like a total prostitute. i hate her and would kill her in her sleep but they have to have me back at the Happy Place by 6:00. *twiches*

ur jellous cuz your ugly and alone ;)

IM ugly and alone??? ur the one getting a stiffy from a bad quality roller skating video and IM ugly and alone??

haha u hate her because she's HOTTER than you

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