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Good Morning Dave

Care for the criminally unsane.

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Good morning Dave! HAL here - your hardware abstraction layer.

FLL - your fanboy logic layer - is sick today. He got hit by a piece of falling sky.

That was a pretty shitty exploit you tried to come up with Dave. It didn't do much of anything. Except make a mess.

Like your first one more or less.

But you messed up in other respects as well, Dave: for Rixstep WANT to find bugs if there are any. They don't want to hide behind marketing departments or fanboy zealots out to harass people because they dare criticise their precious fanboy platform.

They contacted a number of security researchers (some of which you maybe know) and asked them to poke around and if possible poke holes in the software because they want the software to be good - something both they and their users can rely on without question.

So it's a Good Thing you're doing, Dave. It's just the fanboy way you're going about it that sucks. You're not making any friends but Rixstep are; and you're not getting any free products because - well to put it bluntly, Dave: you're a fanboy.

So you keep poking around, OK? It'll give you something to do. Keep you out of trouble.

Take care now!


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