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Raymond's Here to Help!

The Landed Gentry™ seem to have gastrointestinal issues.

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Here's another one who could use a bit of that ultra soothing cream. He should really make an effort to stop the itching and burning!

He's Jake Kouns and he's head of the 'Open Security Foundation' in the lovely US state of Virginia. Virginia's a nice place to be. Sometimes.

He's also head of a 'vulnerability database' no one uses where another potential client for Raymond sits: the egregious Brian Martin. Together these two could put Raymond in the pink forever.

Man of the world Jake has the following to say about Rixstep's month (or longer) of bugs.

It's not a win-win proposition, it is a lame gimmick. After the month of apple bugs, week of (canceled) oracle bugs, and the month of linux kernel bugs, Rixstep wants in on the bandwagon. Few small problems:

  1. They posted this announcement on the 4th, not even giving a full month.
  2. They didn't post this to Bugtraq, Full-Disclosure or any other security list/resource I monitor.
  3. Rixstep doesn't have the saturation that Linux, Apple or Oracle do. It is considerably easier to test those products and platforms versus Rixstep, who many of us have never heard of, let alone seen deployed.
  4. If you want to play with the big boys Rixstep, man up and put some of your products up on your site and post the challenge to Bugtraq and Full-Disclosure.

Special message to all these hemorrhoidal morons: bend over and spread 'em and let Raymond do his magic.

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