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When Mutti says don't put your hands on the stove she means it. Unfortunately some little boys don't really believe Mutti - and so they get their fingers burnt.

Edward Henning is such a little boy. Childish and selfish. And he knows MOAB don't like people looping at their site but he does it anyway - in fact he may very well be on the official list of fanboy loopers.

Nawty nawty.

So little surprise then that MOAB had an extra special surprise waiting for him. And like the stereotypical spoiled fanboy brat, he immediately started wailing it was all Mutti's fault.


Meanwhile the MOAB team has started to discredit itself. Their server already hosts a not yet released security advisory, discovered by heise Security by simply guessing filenames. Anybody who opens the correct URL will be confronted with extremely revolting pornographic images from an external website. (We strongly recommend that people do not try and find this URL.) In addition, the website will attempt to open an IRC client that may be installed and register it in a Mac developer channel. Furthermore, a number of mail windows will open up containing Rosyna Keller as the addressee, one of the members of the MOAB Fix Group and a codeveloper [sic] of the Application Enhancer (APE).

In doing this, the initiators of MOAB LMH and Kevin Finisterre are giving critics even more reason to accuse them of childish behaviour. They have already been criticised for promoting themselfs [sic] rather than trying to draw attention to real security problems. Developers who have tried to solve the problems have reportedly been attacked or ridiculed. All in all it looks as if there is only a very thin layer of professionality [sic] covering rather selfish and childish characters.

No, they're not childish, Edward - and they're not selfish either. They'll share their research with you when they want to - when they think it's time. And they don't appreciate your looping at their site, driving their servers nuts. It's you who are being childish and selfish, Edward! And you just got caught with your wee pinkies in the fire, didn't you, young man? And now you're trying to save face by being mean to Mutti!

You nawty nawty boy! Shame!

Now be a good boy, dry your tears, wash your ugly face, and promise Mutti you'll never be bad to her again.

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