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Sweden: Back on the Map

You put 'em in, you take 'em out.

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Pictured below is Carolina Gynning co-hosting her new television show 'Förkväll' with Alexandra Pascalidou. She's holding up a breast implant. It looks heavy. There's another one almost off camera in the lower right.

Those are Carolina's own breast implants. Supposedly. Now you might ask yourself: what's a nicely attired Swedish woman doing with breast implants? Especially one who obviously is on her way to becoming the Katie Couric of Scandinavia?

Carolina didn't come through the ranks. She got her start as a boob queen on Swedish TV's 'Big Brother' where the producers actively look for women with obscenely huge tits who promise to fuck like rabbits on screen. In a way she's related to Linda Rosing, another boob queen who went on to start her own political party and got something like one vote in the last general election.

But now that the media beckon it's time to be well dressed chic again.

And pictured below is the logo - with variations - of a television production company with major investments in northern Europe.

2waytraffic.com - together with Carolina's employer TV4 - are involved in yet another scandal. New quiz shows such as 'Brain Check' and 'Find the Word' solicit audience participation by phone-ins. Prospective contests are required to answer a series of questions. It's the type of questions which has everyone in a tizzy - so much so that there's been a storm of complaints to the government. Who thusly were compelled to file a formal police complaint.

The questions are too easy, say the government. The show's essentially a lottery - an illegal lottery.

Not so, say 2waytraffic.com. Our questions demand skills of the contestants. So what type of skills are required to advance to the next round in these games?

Actually there's only one skill required: knowing the alphabet. Prospective contestants are asked to spell really difficult words like 'CAT' and 'DOG'.

What's frightening of course is that 2waytraffic.com are using these questions to (successfully) sort out the great majority of prospective contestants.

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