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Les Chrétiens

They're humping the hand brake.

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James Cameron found Jesus. Big news. Titanic director produces a documentary on Discovery. Big news. But as with the Month of Apple Bugs the news isn't the news - it's the reaction of the fanboys that's the news. The fanboys in this case being 'les chrétiens' of the ultra right in - where else - the US of A.

Cameron had better watch out, wrote the London Times. He has several blockbusters slated for release and if the ultra right in the US don't like his version of reality it could hurt his box office. Such evidently is the way things work in the land of the free (speech).

Gee whiz if all this is true it's going to be HUGE, several otherwise respectable sources were quoted as saying.

What's so huge about it? That some bearded hippie in a toga did not fly up into the sky on a cloud? For that's literally what they're saying. Read that again: that is LITERALLY what they are saying.

What about the Apollo missions? What about the one Tom Hanks flew on? Didn't anyone look out the port window? Didn't they see Jesus up there jamming with all the other non-terrestrials on a harp, singing the blues?

How come they didn't stop off on the way out and the way back for a pause that refreshes? 'Over 1 billion psalms sung'? And soft drinks? Well they're GODS, aren't they? If the Apollo crew needed refreshments such as coffee or sugared water then those cloud sitters could have waved a magic wand and made everybody happy, could they not?

And where is Elvis? Only in the US can someone seriously print articles about Elvis being on the moon or on Mars and not only get away with it but make huge amounts of money. So where's Elvis? Is he hanging out with the Christ?

More importantly: do they have a new album coming out?

You know when you're dealing with people like this there's no hope. There's no way for any halfway sane person to get through to them. All you can only hope for is they don't destroy too much before evolution does away with them. But with the look of things in the middle east right now (read: Halliburton) there's not much odds of that.

It no fun deriding these idiots but the truth be told: they're holding the rest of us back. Read that again: they are holding the rest of us back. As in '99% of all the sane people on this planet patiently waiting for the idiots in the US to just shut the F up'. We'll never arrive at a good - and modern - approach to life on this planet together with these loonies spoiling the party. We as humanity have a lot to do and these idiots are humping the hand brake.

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