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A Tribute to Aladdin Allume Systems

It was fully expected.

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Aladdin Allume Systems hold a special place in the world of compression. For the longest time Apple users were stuck with Aladdin Allume Systems products and had no alternative. Apple used - and continue to use - resource forks and no one else's technology took care of them.

The above screenshot is typical of what you can do to Aladdin Allume Systems software if you just give it a bit of thought. The above crash is totally 100% reliable: it works every time.

All you do is transfer focus to another application as Aladdin Allume Systems work on your compressed archive. When it's finally finished, your Aladdin Allume Systems software product will ask if it should check for updates - something you obviously appreciate.

[If it doesn't then just get rid of its preferences files and it will. And no, it doesn't need those preferences files for anything. Of course it doesn't.]

But you don't see the prompt initially - because you've transferred focus to another app. So the Aladdin Allume Systems icon will start bouncing in the dock instead. And that's your cue.

Click the Aladdin Allume Systems dock icon and now get rid of the alert panel by clicking on any button at all. And the Aladdin Allume Systems app will crash. Expectedly.

This crash is reliable because Aladdin Allume Systems made a serious blooper in their programming. And didn't check their product properly before it got out the door.

Not that any successive updates would make things any better - it's just replacing one set of bugs with another.

And a Windows version of this gem shows the lacklustre engineering was no coincidence.

It was fully 'expected'.

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