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From:Alberto Ripanucci
Date:17 July 2007 19:01:25 GMT
Subject:HFS+ vs the others

Say wathever you want but HFS+ is the best filesystem EVER. Period.

- "Paths" are an incredibly STUPID concept, and the HFS+ "CNIDs" way of dealing with files is infinetely BETTER.

- File extensions is an incredibly ANNOYING and CRUDE way to discern a type of file (and lack the notion of file creator), the TYPE & CREATORs codes of HFS is infinitely better approach.

- Resource forks were BRILLIANT, and were a much better (clean) and efficient way to package data and code together than the "bundle" folders of OS X (that are still better than nothing as in Unix and Win)

The problem with OS X is that other filesystems are way INFERIOR and Apple had to compromise in the 'connected' era. So some of the best and unique features of HFS+ are not anymore used as they could.

I wish M$ copied better many years ago. Using files in no-compromise Mac Classic was way better than today in OS X. We went back 20 years to be able to connect with other OSs.

Postscript: Three Years One Month Two Days Later

Name: Alberto Ripanucci
Message: I want you to remove that page. And remove it from google cache

Postscript II: Three Years Eleven Months One Day Later

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Please remove that page from you domain.

Thank you,
Alberto Ripanucci

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