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Obama Doll™ by Obamanation

Only $21.95 or see special offer below.

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Obamanation LLC are ramping up to release their Obama Doll™ real soon now. The doll will sell for $21.95. There will also be a special gift box with a facsimile membership card in the TUCC.

Obama Doll™ 'talks': just pull the string on his back to hear him.

Some of the things Obama Doll™ can say:

√  Hope!
√  Change!
√  Okey Dokey!
√  Words? Only words?
√  I'm gonna bamboozle you!
√  Sometimes I'm boneheaded!
√  I'm the one you've been waiting for!
√  Abomination! Obamanation! Abomination!
√  My autobiography is more poetic than factual!
√  Tony who? I don't know anybody by that name!
√  I'm more than happy to answer your questions - but not now!
√  If it wasn't for the march on Selma my parents wouldn't have met!
√  Sometimes Hillary is periodically down and needs to attack people!
√  I'm a muslim christian afro arabic american caucasian american! I'm part indian too!
√  Vote for me and I promise George W Bush won't be on the ballot in November!

'I can promise Obama Doll™ won't be an 'obamanation' - far from it', said company spokesperson Abu Bin Mustafa Hussein Muhammet al Qatac from his office in Dubai.

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