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Son of Amarok

Rising from its grave gonna eat you alive.

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It couldn't happen to more wayward people. The debate over the value of UI engineering can grow to a roar and then someone from the KDE camp comes along and everyone goes silent. If you need any more convincing then take a look at the K Desktop Environment for Linux.

You'll be convinced.

'Amarok 2 on OS X, now with more sexy' reads the headline on the KDE blog article. But 'more' implies there already is something. The screenshots are coming in a bit so you hold on and be the judge yourself.

And while you're waiting try to remember the words of the great Mark Shuttleworth who said he thought his desktops could compete with Apple.

Amarok is a simple lean and mean replacement for iTunes which on OS X - they say it's almost native today - is a facile 3 GB (three gigabarfs) download. That's right folks: you need to download more than your OS takes on disk.

You're tempted, aren't you? OK here's the first screenshot.

That's sexy! Admit it!

OK now here's another one!

And now to win your own free copy of Amarok and a tour of the KDE programming labs: how many places on those screens can you read the name of the currently played song? Are you sure that was all? Want to check again?

A question for the poor people at KDE: if simplicity is the goal of all good design (and it is) then WTF is Amarok?

And if Amarok is sexy - or even more of it - then this babe must be hotter than Jessica Alba before she got her stretch marks.

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