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Subway Worker Stuffs Lettuce up Nose

Don't even try to make stuff like this up.

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WALSALL (Rixstep) -- A sandwich bar worker sacked after footage of him stuffing lettuce up his nose appeared on YouTube has been spared a prison sentence.

Richard Benjamin Shannon was arrested last year after a woman recognised him on YouTube. She went to the Subway in Brownhills West Midlands where Shannon worked and hurled a chair at him.

[She wasn't arrested - he was. Ed.]

'Great Anxiety and Distress'

Walsall magistrate Elizabeth Baugh viewed the clip and claimed it caused great anxiety and distress.

'Despite your previous good character your actions merit a custodial sentence. However due to your early guilty plea and the fact you have shown remorse for your actions we are imposing a community order', Baugh told Shannon and the court.

Thus Shannon got out of a six month sentence for stuffing iceberg up his nostrils because his actions were purportedly intended to cause economic loss. Shannon's solicitor Sheila Hicklin pointed out her client already suffered considerably as he today is unemployed.

And the wonderful news service this story comes from hyperlinked the words 'economic' and 'unemployed' just in case somebody didn't know what they meant.

The story is reminiscent of the lady who found a snail in a Wendy's sallad and claimed she could no longer have sex because she'd see the snail in her sallad again every time she tried. Her husband sued Wendy's for damage to his sex life - and won.

Don't even try to make stuff like this up.

We pay extra for that kind of lettuce here in the US!
 - JR Harwood Reno Nevada

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