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Who's holding them back?

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The iPhone finally came to Sweden. Or the 'Iphone' as they insist on calling it there.

It's not an isolated incident. This has been going on for years now with Apple product names like 'Ipod' and 'Itunes'. And it's consistent too.

And yet it's nothing endemic to Scandinavia. A quick search with Google will reveal that the media in Iceland, Denmark, Norway, and Finland always spell the names correctly.

But not iSweden. The country Rick Falkvinge keeps insisting is the most technologically advanced on the planet.

And iSweden is technologically advanced. It's just that they're still pathologically dependent on a certain word processor and related modules with an auto-correction facility that simply won't recognise an upper case letter in the middle of a lower case word.

dEt vAr sOm fAn.

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