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Where'd You Get That Hairdo, Jules?

Some things take the sharpest minds by surprise. Then there are the students at City.

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One of the most shocking things when witnessing the flood of tweets coming from journalist students at the City venue yesterday evening was the way nearly all of them were taken back by Jules' 'new' hairdo. It's pictured below.

Most readers will recognise this hairdo already from the second week of August when Jules arrived in Stockholm. He was interviewed on television several times, clips of the interviews quickly made their way to YouTube, and suddenly the 'new Jules' was all over the web - with precisely the picture you see below.

Today it's most likely the most published photo of Julian Assange.

Google had 5,000,000 hits for 'Assange' already in the early hours of Saturday 21 August. And most of the articles carrying a photo used precisely this one.

Google Images has a zillion photos of Julian Assange. 40% are the above picture or another 'new hairdo' pic.

So now. You're a journalism student, you're in the majority at the venue if you're already working on your MA, you find out Julian Assange is coming to visit. Do you prepare? Do you do the research?

  • One student thought Jules' name was 'Julian Le Sage'.
  • Another student thought Jules' name was 'Julian Asege'.
  • A very vocal majority had not seen the new Jules in two months.
  • Most students had no or at best scratchy knowledge of the history of WikiLeaks.
  • Many students were also wondering what that 'Pentagon WikiLeaks war room' thing was.
  • City journalism students were found scoffing at the idea Assange could in some way be in danger.
  • Several City journalism students tweeted that Assange was deliberately obfuscating his voice (for an undisclosed but very mysterious reason). It turned out they were unfamiliar with his baritone range.

Behold: Britain's next generation of journalists.

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