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Borgström: 'I Know Things Too!!1!'

Tripping over one's own feet can leave one with one's nose in the funky stuff.

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Perennially clumsy Swedish attorney Claes Borgström's in the news again. Yesterday he read about Björn Hurtig in the Mail on Sunday and he knew he had to speak out - despite claiming he doesn't want to talk to the media at all.

Speaking outside his office in the Swedish December cold, CB lashed back at BH.

'I've refrained from saying things I know about Assange.'

Borgström is most worried about Hurtig's claim to be able to prove what more and more people are concluding of late: the two girls Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén made the whole thing up.

'From what I've read it's clear that the girls are lying and that they had a hidden agenda when they went to the police which had nothing to do with the crime that was to have been committed.'

'That's nonsense', blurted Borgström. 'The court has access to all the documentation. And should Hurtig have documents of importance and not present them, then he isn't caring very much for his client.'


Borgström then reminds the reporter that he refuses to talk about the case to the media and doesn't like it tried there either. And insists yet again that his clients have been treated unfairly by the media.

'Unfortunately Hurtig is a part of that. Then it's Assange's British solicitors who don't know what they're talking about.'

Geoffrey Robertson QC and the others will be glad to hear that.

But JB CB can't stand being outdone by BHs or anyone - he's gotta know some things too.

'I've declined to say things I know about Assange. I know some things that I can't reveal at this stage. But of course I'll reveal them in court.'

So if Hurtig holding back information hurts Assange, what happens when Borgström does the same thing?

Things are going downhill for the Swedish attorney previously credited with the biggest scandal in the history of Swedish jurisprudence. This scandal - which CB brought on himself all by himself - promises to be even worse. But this time around it's not certain his once-powerful political friends will be able to bail him out.

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