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SAN FRANCISCO (Rixstep) — Twitter celebrated the holidays again by disclosing they'd been subpoenaed by the US DOJ already on 14 December for the full records of Icelandic PM Birgitta Jónsdóttir.

This was of course a request by Barack Obama. But as per usual disseminated through what Tony Solozo would call 'buffers'.

And being an equal opportunity oppressor, Barry also demanded the records of other WikiLeaks adherents present and past.

Cries for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama won't wait long now. To paraphrase David Arnold and David Black: 'the world has had enough'.

DMs Are Never Gone

As reported here only yesterday, Twitter direct messages (DMs) are likely never gone no matter how hard you delete them, thus making the work for the Twits all the easier. And culling actual tweets can be done in half an hour by a halfway intelligent programmer in the NSA. But Barry wants so much more - his desire for the Icelandic anarchist seems to know no bounds.

Gittan's best known up to now for her part in the WikiLeaks collaborations for the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative, the Collateral Murder video, and a number of embarrassing indiscretions when the pressure on the whistleblower organisation began to mount.

Others targeted by Obama's DOJ:

A. The following customer or subscriber account information for each account registered to or associated with WikiLeaks; rop_g; birgittaj; Julian Assange; Bradley Manning; Rop Gongrijp; Birgitta Jonsdottir [sic] for the time period November 1, 2009 to present:
  1. subscriber names, user names, screen names, or other identities;
  2. mailing addresses, residential addresses, business addresses, email addresses, and other contact information;
  3. connection records, or records of session times and durations;
  4. length of service (including start date) and types of service utilised;
  5. telephone or instrument number or other subscriber number or identity, including any temporarily assigned network address; and
  6. means and source of payment for such service (including any credit card or bank account number) and billing records.

B. All records and other information relating to the account(s) and time period in Part A, including:
  1. records of user activity for any connections made to or from the Account, including the date, time, length, and method of connections, data transfer volume, user name, and source and destination Internet Protocol address(es);
  2. non-content information associated with the contents of any communication or file stored by or for the account(s) such as the source and destination email addresses and IP addresses;
  3. correspondence and notes of records related to the account(s).

Either the DOJ are totally clueless when it comes to Twitter or the above is a form letter sent out to any number of other providers (Googe's Gmail et al) where the terms are more applicable.

Ten Days

Birgitta, Rop, Jacob and the rest have ten days to block the subpoena. Birgitta's taking the matter up with the US embassy and the Icelandic parliament on Monday.

And if the WikiLeakers win? Will Barack Hussein Obama finally be impeached? And who in such case will take over?

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