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Oskar Does the Annamotion

Not quite 'without a trace'.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Some people wait all their lives for their fifteen nanoseconds of infamy. Others pick hours of it up in no time.

Oskar Lindell is one such lucky individual.

Within minutes of the airing of his lovechild 'Julian Assange: The World's Love Affair', Lindell started scrambling to remove all traces of himself online just as both Sofia Wilén and Anna Ardin had done before.

But Lindell's dance steps were more like Ardin's than Wilén's: two left feet.

Twitter account #1: totally blocked. Except you can still see who he's following and who's following him. (Most of the people he invited to his WikiLeaks party.) Twitter account #2: totally blocked. Own website: links and articles all removed. All that remained was his dorky 'Gowalla' account.

But somebody got there before he did. Oops.

Everybody's doing a brand new dance now
(C'mon baby do the Annamotion)
You gotta wipe your web accounts to leave no trace now
(C'mon baby do the Annamotion)

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