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Gudrun Schyman Burns Up Ten Thousand Something

Promoting fascism through populism and PR stunts.

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That people don't get tired of her. The leader of Sweden's communist party who used to get busted at rave parties with her preteen children. The leader of a party that had to change its name to 'leftist' after the end of the Cold War. The party leader who got convicted for cheating on her tax returns. The party leader who had to go into rehab several times. The party leader who got bumped by her own party but refused to leave the parliament.

The former party leader, drunkard, and convicted felon who then took a hiatus so people would forget her name. And who thereafter came back with something real good for people to hate - men. Gudrun Schyman's Fascism 101.

Gudrun's been making good money peddling hate ever since. And she's got enough dumb followers to keep her on easy street for a long time to come.

Gudrun burned SEK 100,000 (~$10,000) in 100 crown bills (1,000 of them) to show the differences in pay for the sexes, differences that don't exist. The sign behind her says her party's burning money for democracy. Yes, democracy. Yes, really.

That's a lot of money that could be used to do a lot of wonderful things. Feed children. Take care of some of the homeless. That's what infuriated Swedish charities said too. But that's not important in Gudrun's world. This is how fascism works, ladies and gentlemen. That money - which came not from Gudrun but from a PR firm - would have bought Gudrun 5,000 bottles of Absolut vodka, a very popular brand. Almost a year's supply.

Or how much money in donations has she 'burned' over the years? Or how much money did she embezzle from the government? Does that money also represent pay differences? Remember what Gudrun Schyman's party platform says.

  • Swedish men are no better than the Taliban.
  • Swedish men should have to pay a special 'man tax'.
  • Married women who have sex with their husbands are traitors.
  • All sex is rape unless women run all aspects of the government.

Gudrun Schyman and her political party get a lot of grants each year, grants funded by Swedish taxpayers. Gudrun's own salary and living expenses are paid for by these grants. Does that money also represent pay differences in some way?

Maths aren't Gudrun Schyman's strong suit. Understandably. But here's statistics from Sweden's Statistiska Centralbrån for the years 1985-2009. The graph shows the number of employees in Sweden per year.

Following current trends, the number of employees in Sweden is probably around 4,200,000 for 2011. Because Sweden is already such a fair country, we shall assume half of these or 2,100,000 are women. This of course doesn't count women who are able to live off grants for mental illness or alcoholism, babies or politics, or for just being women. But it's close enough.

Gudrun's claim is SEK 100,000 represents the difference in pay between men and women in Sweden for each working minute. This 100 K becomes 6 M per hour or 225 M per 37.5 hour work week. Considering Swedes work approximately 40 weeks per year, this becomes a walloping 9000 M from one international women's day to the next.

That's SEK 9,000,000,000. Per year. Nine billion. Divided by 2,100,000 working women, that's a pay difference per woman of SEK 4285.71. Per year. At today's rates, that's 692.053 in US dollars. Per year. Per month it's $57.68. Or $13 per week. Or less than $2 per day.

Oh the injustice! Time to burn something. Not bras this time - burn some money!

(See if you can get a couple of guys to give you the money, no strings. Don't spend your own!)

And that's not even counting percentages - how much money those women and men are bringing home all told. Statistically there's approximately a 1.14% difference between the sexes in pay in Sweden. And that's still not counting all the benefits that accrue to women and never to men.

Sam Clemens pegged it.

Radical feminism promotes more rights for women at the expense of men. Women don't need to take responsibility: it's always the evil man's fault. It's a fascist, totalitarian ideology with no explanatory power at all and it's extremely dangerous, much more dangerous than Nazism, communism, or fascism, because it targets half of humanity and by proxy all of us.
 - Flashback979

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