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Encounter at Ellingham

Many are speechless, a few are frozen with disbelief.

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Assange har den 13-14 augusti 2010 i målsäganden Anna Ardins bostad i Stockholm genom våld tvingat henne att tåla att han hindrat hennes rörelsefrihet. Våldet har bestått i att han hållit fast hennes armar och tvingat isär hennes ben samt liggande över henne med sin kroppstyngd betvingat henne och därigenom hindrat henne från att röra sig eller flytta sig.

So you - you forced her to 'tolerate' your 'limiting' her 'freedom of movement'? That's it? Oh wow. Herp derp!

Well it was rather clumsy sex. I don't think Anna's done straight sex much. I was already suspicious when she turned up at the flat unexpectedly.

And ambushed you.

And ambushed me. It felt very uncomfortable. A very uneasy creepy feeling. Scary even. Anna's not close to 'normal'. It's not like she sends out straight healthy vibes, if you know what I mean. I felt very uncomfortable but she made it clear she wanted sex. In a 25 m2 flat that I was supposed to have to myself. Instead of a hotel room. Now there she was. Unannounced. And she beckoned me to come and made it clear she wasn't about to take 'no' for an answer. She has a very skewed view of manhood.

And the 'violence' was that you 'held her arms' and 'forced her legs apart' and using your body weight on top of her forced her and thereby hindered her from moving?

I was on top of her, yes. It's called the 'missionary position'. Our hands were clenched. That's how we ended up like that. And our hands were clenched and I was supporting my weight on my elbows. I didn't have much freedom of movement either. And I don't think I'd have had more freedom of movement if she was on top. But I guess that's a crime against the state in Sweden.

So then - then you raped her?

Oh heavens no. I saw she was fumbling for something, noticed she was having difficulty doing something or other, and so I stopped and asked her what she was doing. She said she was trying to get a condom out of the night table. So I rolled off and she got it, then she rolled it on, so to speak.

Not the stuff of crime novels exactly.

No not at all. But her freaky vibes and behaviour might have been. This story and how it's unfolded, to be sure.


Assange har den 13-14 augusti 2010 i målsäganden Anna Ardins bostad i Stockholm uppsåtligen i handling ofredat henne på ett sätt som varit ägnat att kränka hennes sexuella integritet. Assange, som varit medveten om att användande av skydd vid samlag i form av kondom varit målsägandens uttryckliga vilja och förutsättning för det sexuella umgänget, har utan hennes vetskap genomfört ett fullbordat oskyddat samlag med henne.

But then you somehow had sex with her without that condom?

Nonsense. There were difficulties with the condom. It was old and things were a bit dry down there, if you know what I'm getting at. I stopped a few times to fix it and Anna would reach down to make sure everything was OK. There was a condom.

And you've got to understand that this was not your normal heterosexual sex. There was no communication. Why couldn't she say 'we need a condom'? Why even do it in a way that requires one? Why not communicate instead of fumbling around? Scary.

But it broke?

No not what I know. Why would it break? How could it break? And it'd be my fault if it broke? Do you think I'd want to have children with Anna Ardin? Or pick up an STD? Seriously now.


Assange har den 18 augusti 2010 eller dagarna däromkring, i målsäganden Anna Ardins bostad i Stockholm uppsåtligen ofredat målsäganden på sätt som varit ägnat att kränka hennes sexuella integritet genom att lägga sig intill henne och pressa sin nakna erigerade penis mot hennes kropp.

It says you 'violated' her 'sexual integrity' by lying next to her?!

She wanted me in the bed.

And pressing your 'naked erect penis' against her body?!

It's a narrow bed! I'd like to see someone else do better. So we have sex and then we're not supposed to touch? That's 'sexual integrity'? And if I had an erection then she should be flattered. She's a weird one. And you'd think she would have said a thing or two at the time if she didn't like it, like 'don't poke me, I'm trying to sleep' or something. But no. Nothing. Very 'lesbian'.


Assange har den 17 augusti 2010 i målsäganden Sofia Wiléns bostad i Enköping uppsåtligen genomfört ett samlag med henne genom att otillbörligt utnyttja att hon på grund av sömn befunnit sig i ett hjälplöst tillstånd.

En försvårande omständighet vid gärningen är att Assange, som varit medveten om att användande av skydd vid samlag i form av kondom varit målsäganden uttryckliga vilja och och förutsättning för sexuellt umgänge, trots detta har genomfört ett fullbordat oskyddat samlag med henne. Den sexuella handlingen har varit ägnad att kränka målsägandens sexuella integritet.

It says Sofia was helpless?!

Not quite. We were both very tired. She'd just come back to bed. She'd had some breakfast. We had sex again. Perhaps the fourth time. Then we dozed off again as we were so tired. Then we started again. And I started moving in towards her.

So you penetrated her?

No, no. Not yet at that point. I 'nudged' her, you might say.

Sort of 'knocking on heaven's door'?

Knocking, yes. Or rather a soft 'tap tap tap'. Heaven I'm not so sure about.

OK. So what happened then?

Well we were both pretty dozy. Mostly awake, awfully tired. We were both going back and forth between slumber and sex. As we'd done all night long. Although she seemed to stay up now and again to play with her cellphone. Whatever. And yes it'd been a long night. So she smiles contentedly at me and says:

'What are you wearing?'

And I answered 'I'm wearing you!'

That's a good one! Can I borrow it? It's pretty romantic.

Yeah, maybe it is. How would you say it in your language?

It's a bit hard to translate and express the same way. I'll be back to England again, hopefully can stay longer next time, I can use the original then. Anyway. You were saying.

Right. So then she says:

'I hope you don't have HIV or something!'

And you don't.

No I don't. So I answered her 'no of course not!'

And what happened then?

Then she really got into it. The sex that is. Unbelievable. She seemed to think five's her lucky number.

Well that's about it. Nice place. Thanks for the food and drink. I best be going. Thanks very much.

Thank you too, Mats.


The hypocrisy in Swedish law is a giveaway - Marianne Ny repeatedly writes in her application that the purpose of Assange's actions wasn't to have sex but to maliciously 'violate' someone's 'sexual integrity'. 'Sexual integrity' isn't defined. Perhaps it's a feminist concept. How it relates to 'personal integrity' is not known. But Marianne Ny repeats over and over that the actions of Assange are not about sex but about a malicious and violent act.

Swedish law acknowledges the obvious truth that rape is not sex. So Marianne Ny must therefore twist things about to get the right spin on them. The people at WMC let out a hushed sound of shock when they first heard the classification of the charges, but then when they heard the details of the charges, they laughed. The hypocrisy in Swedish law is a giveaway.

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