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Hôtel Crillon Welcomes Berit the Witch

All expenses paid by Swedish taxpayers. Get on the right bandwagon and score.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — It's all about getting there before the other losers do. It's seen all over Europe in the holiday industry. People see a new trend, pack their bags, sell everything, and make it down to the new paradise before the others.

Once on location, they set up shop. They buy cafés, restaurants, open construction companies, real estate companies, cottage industry service companies - and then they just sit and wait.

It's the same thing in politics too. All those flaky fringe movements you read about now and then? One of them might take off!

Look at Anna Ardin. She's on so many inert bandwagons it's not funny. Those bandwagons all have their own agendas that conflict with one another. But she's not worried! If any of them do eventually take off, then she's there right from the start and can 'cash in'.

None of them have taken off yet and the way it looks, none of them ever will. Swedish feminism's in its final death throes, blown to smithereens by the research of Pär Ström and his latest book. And as people start to wake up - like Indiana Jones after having drunk the blood of Kali - they wonder WTF they've been doing all those years.

As with repeated government cabinet statements of policy that gender is not something given at birth but is only learned. That's fine with all the LGBT people but it's so obviously screwball that you wouldn't think it would take scientific research to blow it out of the water. Animals on our planet all exhibit strict biological and behavioural differences according to gender.

And so forth. As a Swedish news site wrote the other day: there has never been an ideology that could go against common sense and scientific fact and survive. The site cited Naziism and communism as the most recent examples of this insanity and grouped Sweden's notorious state feminism right alongside them.

And the Swedish people - especially the women where one finds most of the feminism haters - are cheering. Liberation at last, they're saying.

Berit the Witch

The same class of charlatans who callously exploit their fellow citizens in such fascist schemes sometimes branch out into other areas. It's all about survival. And getting to the top politically. So you can exchange position for cold hard cash or the rough equivalent in outrageous perks.

It's rather easy. Because you're allocating state funds. The type of funds that are actually taxpayer money. The type of funding that has no effective oversight. You can always make more money in the government sector if you know what you're doing and are cynical enough. There's no shortage of people like that amongst Swedish feminists.

Berit von Gyllencreützer av Björkesund och Helgö - or al Abdulhassis as she likes to call herself today - is a social worker for the island of Lidingö right outside Stockholm. It's a great place, formerly home to Björn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Fältskog and the beloved comedians Tage Danielsson and Hasse Alfredson. But today it's Berit the Batik Witch's territory.

Berit's first slogan is 'politically correct to the death'. Her second slogan (in a bold red banner) is 'I'm taking up the fight!'

And under her masthead title she proudly proclaims that she is 'your social worker on Lidingö'. That's more than enough to start people fleeing to Skärholmen.

Berit & Bubba

Berit is 63 years old today. She recently married her 'Bubba', a 23 year old boy from Nigeria. She says she's 'passionate about multiculturalism and feminism' and admits to swimming in riksdaler.

'Swedish welfare office worker residing and working in a swanky Stockholm suburb called Lidingö. 63 years old. Happily married to Bubba, a 23 year old Nigerian. Berit is passionate about multiculturalism and feminism.'

Berit the Batik Witch published a new post recently. Not on her English language blog where the whole world might read it but only on her Swedish language blog where only people like Bubba and her sister charlatans will read it.

Burka Demonstration

Today I was summoned to an extracurricular meeting at my place of work, the social services office on Lidingö.

I have for the longest time tried to mobilise our forces for an action of solidarity with people wearing burkas in France.

The biggest problem is that my colleague Marie-Barbro and I haven't been able to find a cooperative financier.

But now my boss here at the social services office on Lidingö tells me that he's granted me 70% of our annual 2011 budget for a Burka Sympathy Symposium which will be held at the Hôtel de Crillon in Paris.

The big surprise for the French is that Marie-Barbro, my other colleagues, and I are all going to dress in burkas for the entire trip as soon as we get through customs.

And I have with the approval of my boss purchased 13 bespoke burkas for all us girls and they're sewn in a special halal weave.

Doesn't it feel good to know you've done something wonderful with taxpayer money?

First a few words about burkas. There's one pictured above. Burkas became a big thing in France because the authorities 1) have to be able to identify people; and 2) it's just creepy. They became a big thing in Sweden because feminists like Berit the Batik Witch marry young boys and then want to wear the things to work to please them.

But they scared the shit out of kids in the daycares and the whole thing caused a bit of a storm. And then the feminist/PC fanatics complained and of course got transmission time on national television to condemn those politically incorrect children (ages 2-6) who behave so cruelly and inconsiderately and dirty their diapers.


Anyway: back on topic. And now we have all the facts we need. Time to proceed to the Crillon.

  1. This luxury excursion is for at least sthirteen (13) people. All PC/feminist females. All expenses included.

  2. They're wasting 70% of their annual budget on this farce all in one go.

  3. They already purchased 13 bespoke burkas in a halal weave which aren't going to be cheap.

  4. Most likely one of their young boy husbands owns the company that makes them. Halal!

  5. They'll be flying down to Paris where they'll stay at the Hôtel Crillon.

  6. The Hôtel Crillon is not your ordinary backpackers haven.
    The Hôtel de Crillon in Paris is one of the oldest luxury hotels in the world. The hotel is located at the foot of the Champs-Élysées and is one of two identical stone palaces on the Place de la Concorde.

  7. The most basic of rooms at Crillon go for €800-900 per night.

  8. Lucky travelers can at times find rooms for a facile €550. But no cheaper.

  9. That's luxury that none of Lidingö's taxpayers could ever afford in their lifetimes.

  10. Be so certain those 13 politically correct girls will be dining in the area.

  11. They'll be taking their breakfast in the hotel.

  12. They'll be taking their dinner in the hotel or nearby. At least €200 per person per meal.

  13. Of course they have innumerable world famous restaurants in the same area.

  14. They'll probably take a trip to Tour d'Argent and put that on the bill too.

  15. The cost to Lidingö taxpayers for this nonsense will be astronomical.

  16. That luxury is something the burkas in France can't ever taste.

'Doesn't it feel good to know you've done something wonderful with taxpayer money?'

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