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Ms Ylva's Mustache

Now they've done it.

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ALMEDALEN (Rixstep) — Aside from Anna Ardin's drunken tweeting yesterday evening, Sweden's annual fetid boredom fest for phonies on Gotland has been a bore. Until today that is, when a feminist party colleague of Social Democrat leader Håkan Juholt came out to attack her boss - because he has a mustache.

'I feel uncomfortable with it', said Ylva Johansson. 'It's a male symbol.'

This is of course fully in line with daycare operations like Egalia. The ostensible purpose is to remove sex and gender completely. The real purpose is to eradicate the male of the species.

[Swedish feminist scientists are currently perfecting a production process for artificial sperm. Ed.]

'When Håkan Juholt was elected party leader, people were waving mustaches. That made me feel very uncomfortable', says Johansson who also admits she's never experienced a mustache close up.

Here's Johansson on the stump, talking to a bewildered passer-by who's wondering why she doesn't have a mustache. She's able to respond because he doesn't have one either.

What does the characteristically uncharismatic Håkan Juholt have to say about it?

'I can understand poor Ylva's reaction. She's never had a mustache. This is clearly yet another way women are discriminated against. The mustache is a male symbol, something we value highly. And only men can have one. And that's a shame.'

Obviously Håkan Juholt and Anna Ardin don't have the same circle of friends.

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