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Assange Shames Expressen

'Acting like a political kindergarten.'

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LONDON (Rixstep) — They're still after a big scoop. And so they sent their British football expert to attend the WikiLeaks press conference on Stratfor today at the Frontline Club.

Such is the shameless - not to say ridiculous - Swedish tabloid Expressen.

The poor sod they sent was one Robert Börjesson. He's been working in London for Expressen for the past eight years - covering football. Börjesson's also been a big fan of Evel Knievel - that hardly helps matters.

Börjesson finally gets a question in at 59:55 in the conference. The entire feed is available here.

Robert - er, Robert Börjesson, Expressen. This is a question to Mr Assange. There is some information in this release regarding Sweden's foreign secretary Carl Bildt. Do you have any more information about Mr Bildt and when will you release any alleged information that he was an informer for the USA?

  Expressen football correspondent Robert Börjesson together with his idol. Börjesson was sent to today's WL press conference.

Political Kindergarten

Julian Assange didn't hesitate to reply.

Assange: Well you're from the Expressen newspaper which fabricated an entire story, made it front page in four additional papers last week, and as a result, the foreign minister of Sweden has been on some defensive rampage against this organisation. Completely absurd!

Sweden in relation to Carl Bildt is acting like a political kindergarten. It is totally absurd. And as a result, we simply do not answer questions to your organisation. As you know, your organisation works hand in hand with the Moderate Party, it is owned by the Bonniers - come on!

Poor Robert Börjesson. Dragged off the pitch and dropped into the political arena. Time for Thomas Mattsson to call out the big guns. Like Karin Olsson. David Leigh's probably waiting for the call.

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