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Assange Case: Found in the Attic I

'Two houses not alike in dignity...'

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STOCKHOLM/LONDON (Rixstep) — It's amazing what one finds on old hard drives.

Richie Olsson

Richie Olsson is the former techie with Sweden's Pirate Party. He was present at the do between his then organisation and WikiLeaks, represented by Julian Assange and Anna Ardin, the Sunday after the infamous crayfish party, which was the day after Ardin would later claim she'd been molested (or raped).

The Missing Photo

The Daily Mail recently published a pixelated version of the photo below. Their implication was that the photo could break the Assange case wide open. What could really break the Assange case wide open would be the MSM doing their job, as this incident has been known for over two years.

Sofia Wiléns in Enköping

Here's a facsimile of the database used at Flashback to identify 'Miss W' aka 'T20' as the second girl in the Assange case.

Agata Justyna Witkowicz,25,1985-06-10,Stora vägen 28 B,Fjärdhundra
Aila Linda Caroline Wörlen Sylsjö,20,1990-03-02,Rombergsgatan 43,Enköping
Alexandra Jessica De Vries,20,1990-02-01,Duvhöksgränd 22,Enköping
Ann-Sofi Katarina Wiklund,23,1987-06-16,Örtagatan 16 1tr,Enköping
Ann-Sofie Marie Vesterberg,23,1986-12-15,Berguvsgränd 10 2 tr,Enköping
Anna Cecilia Matilda Warnberg,29,1981-03-24,Eningbölevägen 8 B,Örsundsbro
Anna Christina Maria Elisabeth Wallin,22,1988-01-19,Pomonagatan 16,Enköping
Anna Emmerenzia Wallin Eriksson,23,1986-12-05,Hägnadsvägen 2 B,Enköping
Anna Ingrid Cecilia Eriksson Westin,21,1988-12-15,Långgatan 68 A lgh 1002,Enköping
Anna Marie Wahlstrand Gradin,25,1984-10-15,Fittja Hälke 8,Örsundsbro
Anna Marita Denise Väpnefalk,25,1985-05-09,Fjärdhundragatan 32 B,Enköping
Anna Mathilda Wåhlander,21,1988-09-21,Sämskarbogatan 51 bv,Enköping
Anna Theresia Vilhelmsson,23,1987-04-03,Väststigen 5,Grillby
Annika Nina Maria Wahlund,29,1981-02-14,Borgvägen 9,Enköping
Astrid Matilda Norman Vestin,20,1990-01-28,Torggatan 24 1tr,Enköping
Beatrice Cecilia Maria Viman,24,1986-06-25,Torggatan 49 1tr,Enköping
Boel Erika Wiktoria Westrin Högström,24,1985-09-01
Carolina Birgitta Wahlstrand,25,1985-04-11,Eningbölevägen 2 B,Örsundsbro
Caroline Josefin Katarina Vesström,20,1990-03-07,Fiskgjusegränd 11 3tr,Enköping
Cecilia Anita Videlius,25,1984-11-24,Lärkfalksgränd 5 lgh 1102,Enköping
Charlotte Elisabeth Wallin,27,1983-02-04,Kulla Stjärnholms gård 4,Örsundsbro
Charlotte Marie Valger,28,1981-09-14,Vulcanusvägen 38 B,Enköping
Eleonor Cecilia Mariana Viman,25,1985-02-21,Torggatan 43 1tr,Enköping
Elin Alexandra Wedebrand,25,1985-01-02,Västerleden 24 A,Enköping
Elin Anna Elisabeth Wåhlberg,25,1985-02-13,Lillkyrka Eka 8,Enköping
Elin Elisabeth Wernestad,28,1981-09-03,Enköping Skälby 15,Enköping
Elin Rebecca Wreder,21,1988-12-17,Bergsgatan 38,Enköping
Ellionor Johanna Katarina Vesström,27,1983-01-09,Bergvretsgatan 7,Enköping
Ema Vilic,20,1989-10-11,Rombergsgatan 47,Enköping
Emelie Madeleine Wickman,25,1985-01-31,Lilla vägen 10 lgh 1301,Enköping
Emelie Sofia Wreder,23,1986-10-12,Verkmästaregatan 32 11tr,Enköping
Emma Annie Matilda Widbom Lundin,22,1987-11-03,Hallongatan 14,Enköping
Erika Kerstin Linnea Vahlqvist,20,1990-03-01,Vallby Hånningby 14,Enköping
Fanny Elisabeth Vilén,22,1987-12-28,Torstuna Nydala 7,Fjärdhundra
Hannah Maria Wetterström,23,1987-01-03,Vallby Nederby 2,Enköping
Ida Maria Wallén,22,1988-05-08,Harvägen 38,Enköping
Ida Martina Wikström,27,1982-09-14,Linbanegatan 11,Enköping
Isabelle Cecilia Elisabeth Wallis,23,1987-01-29,Kungsgatan 9,Enköping
Janela Johanna Vikenquist,23,1987-04-06,Bergsgatan 18,Enköping
Jenni Linnea Wahlstrand,22,1988-05-30,Sämskarbogatan 45 2tr,Enköping
Jennie Sofia Karolina Wetterström,23,1986-11-28,Doktor Westerlunds gata 6,Enköping
Jennifer Sylvia Kicki Nilsson Westberg,21,1989-06-12,Fjärdhundragatan 6 lgh 1203,Enköping
Jenny Anneli Annika Vartiainen,23,1987-01-19,Långgatan 6 B 3tr,Enköping
Jenny Elisabeth Westin,29,1981-06-24,Korsängsgatan 43,Enköping
Jenny Erika Wallström,28,1982-01-21,Giresta Lilla Bärby 2,Örsundsbro
Joan Cecilia Elisabeth Wiström,23,1986-12-16,Långtora 3,Enköping
Johanna Alisa Margaretha Wahlström,23,1987-04-23,Källgatan 15 D,Enköping
Johanna Berit Georgina Vinthagen,25,1985-08-17,Fannagatan 34 D,Enköping
Johanna De Vera,21,1988-11-20,Rävstigen 32,Enköping
Johanna Emilia Lovisa Wadenbäck,26,1984-08-19,Verkmästaregatan 36,Enköping
Johanna Ida Maria Wirf,22,1987-09-16,Gulmåragatan 4,Enköping
Kim Angelina Werme,23,1987-03-31,Fabriksgatan 3,Enköping
Kim Louise Widman,21,1988-09-04,Litslena Sneby 9,Enköping
Lena Frida Maria Vilhelmsson,22,1988-05-02,Tornfalksgränd 12 1tr,Enköping
Lena Maria-Therese Vilhelmsson,26,1984-06-14,Källgatan 17,Enköping
Lena Tina Birgitta Wessman,21,1989-08-16,Ormvråksgränd 5,Enköping
Lina Cecilia Valgeborg,28,1981-10-08,Nysätra Stockmossen 2,Örsundsbro
Lina Sofia Elisabet Vahlberg,29,1981-01-28,Hejaregatan 5,Enköping
Linda Kristina Vallén,27,1982-10-21,Långgatan 4 B 3tr,Enköping
Linda Lovisa Eriksson Wäsche,25,1985-01-13,Ormvråksgränd 8,Enköping
Linda Maria Wahlstrand,23,1986-10-31,Verkstadsvägen 37,Örsundsbro
Linda Viktoria Varnstad,25,1984-09-14,Örtagatan 8,Enköping
Linn Isabella Anna Alexandra Wahlberg,26,1984-01-26,Stenfalksgränd 14 2tr,Enköping
Linnea Maria Wengland,23,1987-05-16,Sankt Persgatan 9 bv,Enköping
Lisa Anette Wennerstrand,23,1987-06-12,Bergsgatan 24 1tr,Enköping
Malin Johanna Voxlin,27,1982-10-10,Enköpings-Näs Hjulsta Säteri 8,Enköping
Malin Malou Widman,20,1989-12-04,Enköping Skälby 35,Enköping
Malin Sofie Marie Vesterberg,22,1988-06-23,Sämskarbogatan 55 2tr,Enköping
Maria Birgitta Wahlstrand,29,1981-04-21,Verkstadsvägen 77,Örsundsbro
Maria Helene Paulsdotter Wadenholt,27,1983-05-22,Tillinge-Gryta skola 4 C,Enköping
Maria Sofia Margaretha Vilén,22,1987-10-08,Örtagatan 14 3tr,Enköping
Marie Therése Waern,21,1988-10-11,Drottninggatan 12 B,Enköping
Marielle Caroline Vägermark,24,1986-02-21,Tillinge Uddala 9,Enköping
Martina Michaela Werme,22,1988-07-31,Nysätra Fallet 1,Örsundsbro
Matilda Anna Helena Wässman,21,1988-08-30,Tillinge-Mälby 10,Enköping
Mikaela Erika Johanna Windmar,22,1987-11-16,Frösthult Ekeborg 8,Fjärdhundra
Nadine Regina Wrage,25,1985-03-02,Litslenavägen 15 B,Enköping
Niki Julia Vassiliadis,25,1984-12-23,Litslena-Hällby 44,Ekolsund
Pernilla Emma Katarina Vesström,23,1987-02-11,Tillinge Vappa Säteri 17,Enköping
Petra Elena Vikner,20,1990-02-12,Österunda Lydinge 3,Fjärdhundra
Puck Sarah Sabina Linnéa Wahlberg,26,1984-01-26,Tillinge Vappa Säteri 12,Enköping
Ronja Anne-Mari Winterlöv,22,1987-09-25,Bergsgatan 10,Enköping
Rosina Aida Wictoria Westerberg,26,1983-09-11,Vallby-Skälby 5,Enköping
Sandra Linnéa Jasmine Vidjeskog,21,1989-03-04,Sämskarbogatan 5,Enköping
Sanna Isabell Werme,20,1989-12-03,Kärrhöksgränd 13 Läg201,Enköping
Sanna Susann Valapuro,27,1982-11-22,Fjärdhundragatan 8,Enköping
Sara Sofia Vagerlind,21,1989-06-30,Västerviksgatan 11 4tr,Enköping
Sarah Sofia Christina Viksell Svedlund,25,1985-06-17,Berguvsgränd 21 lgh 1001,Enköping
Sofia Linnéa Wilén,26,1983-09-17,Sämskarbogatan 59,Enköping
Sofie Katarina Wallén,26,1983-11-24,Torggatan 36 B,Enköping
Sofie Victoria Wedebrand,23,1987-01-08,Fabriksgatan 7 lgh 0225,Enköping
Solveig Josefine Lindberg Wassler,22,1988-08-23,Torsviby 1,Enköping
Stina Karin Vilhelmsson,24,1986-07-07,Skyttegatan 2 3tr,Enköping
Susanna Maria Vahlqvist,24,1986-06-26,Vallby Hånningby 12,Enköping
Tanja Erika Maria Wörlen Sylsjö,25,1985-02-16,Bergsgatan 74 3tr,Enköping
Terése Maria Henrietta Wilestam,29,1981-04-14,Prästkragegatan 3,Enköping
Therese Anna Maria Wright,29,1981-01-04,Fårticksgatan 33,Enköping
Unni Linnéa Wikström,20,1989-11-06,Rombergsgatan 52 5 tr,Enköping
Veronica Ann Katarina Vesström,26,1984-06-21,Rävstigen 3,Enköping
Weronica Ingalill Jansdotter Willman,21,1989-01-26,Salagatan 7 2tr,Enköping

'Initially the crime of rape was mentioned'

There've been a lot of memes on the InterWebs of late, with MSM journos copying from each other without discretion, about how the two girls had no intention of planting accusations on Julian Assange - something that fails immediately when one remembers Anna Ardin's extracurricular activities during her university years. Ardin knew how 'crimes against the state' worked.

But Linda Wassgren was on duty at the police station that day and welcomed the two girls, and she has a different story.

'I, inspector Linda Wassgren, was working temporarily in the reception at the Klara local police station on Friday 20 August 2010, otherwise I work in the field out of the same station. At approximately 14:00 two women enter the station to talk with us and get advice about two incidents, and they seemed a bit unsure how to proceed. Initially the crime of rape was mentioned, and both women were to have been victims.'

Seven Step Model for Legal Revenge

A lot has been made out of Anna Ardin's vengeful spirit. She was very prudent in modifying her post on the subject from 19 January 2010. But this was in the attic too. Click the image to download a copy of Google's own cache from that time.

'You can ruin your victim's current relationship, arrange things so his new partner is unfaithful, or set a stalker after him. Use your imagination!' - Anna Ardin

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