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Assange Case: Dear Marianne Ny

A world held hostage by obstinacy.

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STOCKHOLM/LONDON (Rixstep) — Marianne Ny is well protected. Above her she has prosecutor-general Anders Perklev; above him there's the foreign department, and they're headed by Carl Bildt.

Marianne Ny has been insisting since December 2010 - first to TIME and then to a number of indiscreet Swedish rags - that's it's illegal under both British and Swedish law to interrogate Julian Assange in London. This has now been shown to be a lie several times over.

Carl Bildt, who's insisted all along he's not at all involved and who doesn't discuss it with his counterparts from the US, was still very certain when speaking with Jennifer Robinson this past summer that such a thing was illegal.

It's a wonder anyone takes them seriously anymore. And yet the world is held hostage by their obstinacy.

A Flashback forum member received the following from someone who'd again been in contact with Marianne Ny's office.


Many of us in the country are wondering why it's not possible for you to conduct an interrogation of Julian Assange in London.

The only reason given in your document 'Why the prosecutor can't interrogate Assange in Great Britain' is that 'he has to be in Sweden to be interrogated'. Basic logic therefore begs the question why he has to be in Sweden. And aside from the fact that the question is not answered in your document, I'd like to ask what statute of the law is this claim based on.

For there certainly was nothing stopping you from conducting an interrogation in Germany for the double murder case involving Christine Schürrer? So why is it suddenly impossible now to do the same thing with Assange?

The prosecution authority, in an effort to stop rumours and speculation, should clarify their position in this matter.

For reasons of secrecy, chief prosecutor Marianne Ny cannot respond to questions related to ongoing cases. Available information in this case can be found at www.aklagare.se. There are other sources of information on the Internet such as http://www.lagrummet.se.

Britt Svensson
Prosecution administrator
Prosecution authority
Development centre Gothenburg
Box 128
Telephone (+46) 010 - 56 27104

'You can ruin your victim's current relationship, arrange things so his new partner is unfaithful, or set a stalker after him. Use your imagination!' - Anna Ardin

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