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Mattias Bjärnemalm Pops Fuse

'A first class idiot.'

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BRUSSELS (Rixstep) — Mattias Bjärnemalm is office assistant for Amelia Andersdotter in Brussels. Amelia is the second in Sweden's Pirate Party to gain a seat in the European parliament. People who know him say Mattias is very proud of his job and very proud of his title. You can see him wandering around doing his stuff in this clip. It's a nice life.

Because of the recent hijack of Swedish Amnesty by convicted hooligans, a motion has now been put before the Swedish Pirate Party to offer Julian Assange moral support. Amnesty's international headquarters in London earlier put out an appeal to Swedish authorities to guarantee Assange wouldn't be turned over to the US if he returned, this in an effort to break the deadlock and get the matter finally resolved.

A PR stunt was then organised by Sweden's violent left and Swedish Amnesty - which since 2004 has been mostly interested in state feminist issues - to distance Swedish Amnesty, however little, from the international statement. One of the leaders of this spurious group declared earlier this week that there should be a bounty on killing white people, especially white males. So it's a great group of typically charming Swedes you'd love to have to dinner.

Sweden's Pirate Party hold their meetings online at their own forum. Rick Falkvinge really loved this. He could preside over things from a laptop on a train. A great idea. The current meeting began yesterday evening and is still ongoing. And it's about ratifying a resolution that Julian Assange should be given guarantees to not be extradited to the US if he should choose to return to Sweden.

Amnesty's head office in London already pointed out that this was the only reasonable thing to do, as the Swedish authorities lied again and again about why they haven't questioned him in London for all these years.

And there are those in Sweden's Pirate Party who see things the same way as well. But there's also Mattias Bjärnemalm.

A common misconception with these members of a Swedish political party is that such guarantees are in some way 'extralegal'. They're not. And anyone with even a passing interest in the law would know that. As in the UK where Teresa May just blocked the rendition of Gary McKinnon, the final word on renditions in Sweden comes from the cabinet of the incumbent government.

Then too the opinion was voiced that guarantees are broken anyway, so how secure is that?

But Mattias Bjärnemalm, comfy in his Belgian digs, got in the comment of the day.

'Well inasmuch as I don't have any great respect for Assange after having spoken with people who've worked close to him, I don't find it unreasonable that we might find accusations of sexual molestation from all corners of the planet. And should this happen, I don't see why Sweden should refuse to extradite him if the UK would go along with it.'

espressino of the Flashback forum comments.

'What a fail as a pirate: 'after having spoken with people who've worked close to him', 'as I don't have any great respect for Assange', 'I don't find it unreasonable that we might find accusations of sexual molestation from all corners of the planet'. Did Bjärnemalm pop a fuse?

'In the wake after the complaints from two women where everything was hunky-dory until they got to know each other. There's not been a single complaint or claim from anywhere in the world, not before and not after, so how for heaven's sakes are things up there in the mind of the obviously status-conscious Bjärnemalm? Bjärnemalm, you bring shame on the Pirate Party, but it's not surprising, considering the sea change after Troberg hijacked it. According to Bjärnemalm's logical faculties, the earth can still be flat and the sun won't be rising in the morning - at least not on his street. Shame on you!'

He's still not finished.

'Mattias Bjärnemalm is so full of shit his eyes are turning brown. A comparable level of bigotry can't be found in any other progressive politician. He makes the Sweden Democrats appear house-trained. This isn't a little slip on his part. This is a total collapse. What the F was he thinking? Apologise and then resign, you oaf! Write to the PP and tell them why you think he should be relegated to the historical compost heap for really failed politicians. Shameful! A public apology and then you're out!'

wtfuk provides a little background information.

'Bjärnemalm is by definition a political broiler. Normally he writes overly long harangues completely lacking in substance. In the Assange case he's been able to track down innumerable other women who've been the victims of molestation by Assange, all over the world, on all continents? Bjärnemalm's a first class idiot.'

Pirate Party member Apis tries to explain a few legal facts to the stubborn Swedes.

'We're not talking about special consideration here. This is a matter ultimately ruled on by the cabinet, especially as JA has been granted asylum in Ecuador, as the government of Ecuador find that there is such a risk. And therefore it is not at all unreasonable that Sweden offer such a guarantee, particularly as they insist there is no such danger as they see it. Only a guarantee from both the incumbent government and the opposition would be an effective protection. And empty words from 'experts' and people in the media, or even your protests, won't be worth a penny if an extradition request should turn up.'

All of which seems too much to grasp for the challenged minds in what was once a magnificent political party. As is pointed out time and again, great movements often get overtaken when the parasites arrive. Former social democrat party leader Mona Sahlin commented when retiring from politics that there were always people in her organisation conspiring against her. When the going got tough, the conversation could have gone something like this.

'Oh goodness! The shit's starting to fly again!'
'But we're with you, Mona! We're behind you all the way!'
'Oh really? You're behind me? How far behind are you?'
'Far enough behind so the shit doesn't hit us too!'

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