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Эдвард Везде (Edward Everywhere)

Time to freak 'em out.

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Шереме́тьево (Rixstep) — Edward Snowden was last seen at Moscow's international airport on Thursday 1 August, over one month ago, when he was granted temporary asylum in Russia.

Now most people would, if asked, say they're fairly sure where Edward Snowden is. But that's not good enough for Britain's Telegraph. No, they think it's fair game to hunt poor Edward down.


  Snowden in disguise at Красная Площадь (Red Square). Did you recognise him?

Emerging in Disguise

Edward Snowden is sometimes emerging in disguise, report the good people (Brad Davies) at the Telegraph. Snowden's lawyer Anatoly Kucherena says: 'He walks around. He can travel. He does travel, because he is interested in our history.'

Edward Snowden could be almost anywhere, talking to you right now. You still wouldn't recognise him.

Kucherena again:

'He would walk past you and you wouldn't recognise him. It's a question of clothes and small alterations to his appearance.'

Русский Язык

Edward is learning Russian too. So if you meet him on the street somewhere and try to talk to him, he might answer you in Russian, and then for sure you won't have a clue who he really is.

Telegraph Poll!

So it was time for the Telegraph to dust off their old poll 'Where is Edward Snowden?'

Edward Everywhere!

Are people really worried about Edward Snowden's whereabouts? Was he on that presidential plane with Eva Morales? Have you spotted Edward Snowden in your neighbourhood or on your holiday abroad? Take a pic with your jailbroken iPhone and send with pertinent details to edwardeverywhere@rixstep.com. Post it on Twitter too.

Be vigilant. Help Brad Davies and the Telegraph find Edward Snowden. He might be anywhere - Kuala Lumpur, Osaka, Hoboken - and he'll probably 'emerge in disguise' so he blends right in, so be alert.

  Snowden confirmed sightings so far: Burbank, Crab Key, London, Moscow (2x) and Washington DC (2x). (Grand Canyon was fake.)

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